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Heart Problem?

Posted By H.C. on February 11, 1998 at 23:59:02:

I'm a 28 y/o inactive female. A heavy smoker and I'm under on-going major stress. My weight is 147 and I'm 5'8" tall.
My blood pressure ranges from 85/50 to 102/70. My pulse rate from 49 to 70. I stay cold most of the time, expecially
my feet and hands and I'm tired almost all the time. I have dizzy spells while sitting, getting up, and even standing
to the point that I almost black out. I'm having almost constant headaches from the time I get up in the morning and
problems with my vision and memory. I've had a Treadmill Stess Test done, a blood tests for diabetes and thyroid problems,
and all came back okay. My immediate family history(father, mother,siblings) includes: Brain tumors, high blood pressure,
diabetes, & cancer. One sibling had light heartattack at age 36. Another sibling is a Reverse diabetic.
Don't know if its related, but my bp use to range from 110/70 to 120/70 until I suffered a head injury almost 2 yrs. ago.
I never sought treatment for the injury even though I was unconscious for about 4 hours. Now, if my bp goes above 115 I
start exhibiting symptoms of high blood pressure. The Dr. does not know what is causing my problems and has only told me
to be thankful that I have a low blood pressure. I have not had any other tests done except for what is listed above.
Could any of this be related? Could I have a heart problem that the Dr. can't see? or Is there any specific tests which
I should have done as a precautionary measure?
I would appreciate any info.
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