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Heart Question

2 weeks ago I started with intermittent SOB and stabbing chestpains (sometimes around breast bone sometimes in breast), there is often heaviness associated and my jaw and arms ache.  Now I have had quite a bit of cardiac testing, i.e., nuclear stress test (10/01/08) heart caths (10/18/05 and 10/01/08), Echo (01/19/09), Stress/Echo (12/30/09), Carotid Doppler (01/06/09 and 07/13/09), chest x-ray and blood/urine test galore.  CNY Cardiology did the initial testing because of jaw pain.  Could they have missed something, is this angina, what do you think is going on?  When it started I went to cardio, he took my bp, he listened to heart and lungs and said "everything sounds fine", can he tell from just listening if something is going on?  I really worried...please advise.  Hopefully kenkeith will read this and give me his opinion!
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If you want kenkeith to answer the question, it will probably help him to have a little bit more information. Such as, how intermittent, how often do you get the symptoms? Do you smoke? do you drink lots of coffee? does anything seem to trigger the symptoms? Did you feel the symptoms during any of your tests, particularly the nuclear scan and the stress/echo? Are you on any medication?

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QUOTE: :When it started I went to cardio, he took my bp, he listened to heart and lungs and said "everything sounds fine", can he tell from just listening if something is going on?"

For some insight about ausculation: The stethoscope hears sounds produced by the body. It is used primarily to listen to the lungs, heart, and that is what you have experienced. These sounds are produced when there are irregularities in the path of blood flow through the heart. The sounds reflect turbulence in normal blood flow. If a valve remains closed rather than opening completely, turbulence is created and a murmur is produced. Murmurs are not uncommon; many people have them and are unaffected. There will be no wheezes or crackles in normal lung sounds. Examination with a stethoscope is noninvasive but very useful. It can assist members of the health care team in localizing problems related to the patient's complaints.

Usually, there is further testing if abnormal sounds are heard. SOB is not associated with a valve problem according to normal sounds or any other sound that would indicate a heart problem.  Stress/echo test was negative and that should rule out ischemia (lack of blood flow through vessels), etc.

Did the doctor suggest you see a pulmonologist. There could be blood clots in the pulmonary vessel, or clots in the lungs. Did your cardiologist test for possible pulmonary hypertension? The stethoscope did not hear any abnormal sounds from the lungs, but that doesn't rule out some other defect.   Take care and keep us posted.



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Just one question....

During all the tests, particularly the nuclear and stress echo, did you feel any of the symptoms?
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I'll be looking for your answers to questions from above members. Of course something could be missed, especially if you are female. Please read my journal here at 'joanincarolina'. I went years with your complaints and all the best technology tests did not show a thing close to an answer to my symptoms. SOB, especially in a woman should not be dismissed. Let me know what you think. Keep in mind that there are varying degrees to my condition; I appear to be far out now, but I started 'intermittent'. Joan.
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