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Heart Related or Gallbladder Disease

I am a 46 year old female. 5'5", 131.
Former runner. Mother at 43. Exercise almost non existent for 2.5 years with child.
Last July, I had an attack of nausea, chest pain, dizziness, severe belching, had 2 bowel movements in 10 min., felt hot then freezing, and had tremors.  Ended in ER.  looked at heart, everything okay. tender on right side near ribs.
Gave me a cocktail for GI and told to take Zantac.
had acid relux for years, but only about 3 or 4 times a year.  could eat anything.
Came home and several days after, I passed small pea like things in my stool. I had not eaten peas in months.
felt fine after this.

A couple of months later, I developed recurrent chest pains, severe belching. went to doctor, they did endoscope and found very mild esophagitis and said I had Gerd. Prescribed Nexium for 3 months.   This helped some but chest  pains continued but not as bad.

Same day, I had a HIDA scan which said 40 % function. Dr. said that was normal..  I had severe pain in my right  rib area during procedure and advised the doctor.  
The next day my right side hurt all day long.
Had multiple EKG all normal.
Had Stress Echo test. good.
Chest xray was good
abdominal xray was good.
blood tests. good.  multiple times.

had two episodes of dizziness.  One out of nowhere in my home.  Husband performed Epley Manuever and it subsided.
One in spring 2014. We had finished a big bike ride. I was dehydrated and when we got home, I took a nap. Woke up and could not walk straight or hold head up.  Husband again performed Epley and it subsided.  
Not sure if this is related to anything.

1st of April, I noticed my  heart was having palpitations.  Dr. gave monitor for 48 hours and the results, he said, were fine.  25 PACs and 13 PVCs.  
They have almost ceased now and it is July 8th.

End of May, I had a massive attack. Sharp chest pain and this time, through to the back shoulder blades, felt immediately sick to my stomach, went to the bathroom, then had severe pains on right side ribs. Husband touched the area and I about jumped off the bed.   I stayed in bed and they eventually subsided.
Saw Gallbladder surgeon on June 6, 2014 and he touched the area of the gallbladder and I jumped. He said it was definitely inflamed and he thought it was the cause of my pains.

I have hesitated to have the surgery because of losing my gallbladder.
.  I am still having chest pains ,crazy belching and have passed what I believe to be gallstones again in my stool about ten days + after the last attack.

  I have now developed left arm pain and the shoulder blade pain on the left side as well.  It started in the left shoulder and then moved to the tricep area.  My husband pressed on part of the back shoulder blade area and thinks it could be rotator cuff related.  Not sure what I did to it at all.

    Anyone out there have any ideas?  
I realize the gallbladder is not ideal, but I don't think I can negotiate all these crazy chest pains and belching for the rest of my life.  I am still taking acid reflux meds, but they seem to do very little to negate the chest pain.

Thanks in advance.
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Forgot to mention that I have been exercising again on a regular basis since around March.
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