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Heart Spasms, (during rest) Pain In chest,Left Arm...etc. Unstable Angina?

Hello! My name is Sharmeka. something is definitely going wrong with my health and it is frightening. It has been going on since January. I'm not one to become paranoid but it is undeniable now.   In searches I keep coming up with "Unstable Angina"  Heart attacks and heart disease as well as breast cancer run in my family. My mother was just diagnosed with heart disease 2 months ago.

in January 2006, I notice me getting out of breath even more, barely able to finish sentence when speaking and when I lay down to rest, suddenly I feel spasms in my heart, and some seems for a brief few seconds, my heart stops and then I gaspe. Once my husband says I was laying their not breathing and it scared him. I remember gasping suddenly, as if suddenly I'm able to breath again. sometime times while sitting at my father in-laws house a strong pain comes in my heart and goes into my shoulder, jaw, bck, lft arm. He got me asprin. it also happened once at my mothers in Jan.  I found out that my stepfather had the same symptoms and he died of a heart attack.

now, I'm VERY concerned. the night before last, I was laying in bed, relaxed and suddenly a big spasm (bigger than the others) came in my heart, (it felt like something was blown up fast in my heart, possibly ready to pop), then pain chest, in shoulder and in left arm  Now it has been moving from left arm to right. It took 7 asprin to get it to be tolerable. It is still moving in my left arm, chest and breathing not all that great at times. I need advice, step by step. I don't know if my heart can take another heart spasm like that
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Hello Sharmeka,

I am sorry to hear about your recent health problems and I am concerned as well.  You need to go to a hospital for evaluation.  I am sure they will check the appropriate tests including heart enzymes, cholesterol, stress test, echocardiogram, EKG and others depending on what is indicated.  Unfortunately this forum is not the right place to answer questions like this -- if you called me on the phone with these concerns, I would advice you not to panic, but I would admit you to the hospital for tests.

If it turns out to be nothing, that is great news and you did the right thing by gettting evaluated. If there is something wrong, a good medical evaluation is in your best interest.

I hope this answers your questions. Please get evaluated soon (consider going now) and post if you have other questions.  Good luck.
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I forgot to mention that I'm 30 years old and was misdiagnosed for axiety, so I know it is not that, in which the new doc I see says me being being fatigue at times, is not from axiety. I haven't mention this to her, just been assigned to her. I'm going to to tell her about this because now it is something to be concerned about.  Could the fatigue be coming from a heart condition as well? I'm usually a high energy person and was athletic growing up. The new doctor notice changes in my blood pressure, having trouble getting a blood pressure reading, sometimes really low and pulse rates. At my last visit.

I read somewhere it is important to get an ekg after or during the spasm. It happened yesterday, but I still feel awful. still some pain in my heart and, left side of back, moves across and then into my shoulder and moving down left arm into fingers and finger tingle and then go numb. I even felt it go all the way down into my leg. It only does this after I have a heart spasm. I don't have to be moving. Just sitting or laying still and it happens.  Should I go right in today to get an ekg. This happens at least once a a week, sometime three times. and it is always when I'm when I lay down at rest. I was told I had asthma last year and been taking in halers. I did have a seriouse blood infection and gullblatter disease seven years ago, I'm thinking maybe some damage was done to my heart. v

I know that the pain and spasm, is definitey coming from my heart, I can feel that.

All my symptoms match unstable angina and I read that it can go on for weeks and years and lead to an heart attack if the person is not on medication. The spasm are much bigger (stronger) and often now than they were January. I haven't told my mother about how I feel, for she has hear disease and I don't wnat to heart to worry. I'm not going any longer with this, something got to be done about this. Any help is appreciated. I'm praying before I lay down to rest now. I ignored this long because I didn't want to jump to conclusion. The sharp pain moving into my left arm is getting so bad, that I don't want to even move my left arm. My last attack was the night before last and it has been hurting since and short breath.

I'm considering going straight to the emergency room and I'd like to know what I should ask expect and consider mentioning to the doctor, such as certain test that can be done. Though it was a day ago that I had the heart spasm, do you think the ekg will pick up the echo or that I had one? I'm staying optimistic but it happens at least once a week, and the spasms are getting stronger and bigger, sometime it makes my entire chest jump to.

Thank you so much for your understanding and any advice.


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sorry, I wanted to mention one other thing. It is moving down the right arm most of the time, sometimes the left arm. After that big heart spasm, the other day it is mostly in the right arm. I made a typo in stating what arm it is mostly in. It most move to the right arm but sometime, down the left arm to.

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A strong family history is where your father, brothers, uncles get heart problems before the age of 55 and/or where your mother, sisters or aunts get heart problems before the age of 65. Is that what you mean by family history? Your stepfather is not related by genetics so that would not count as YOUR history. How old is your mom? When did she begin having problems?

I'm glad you are going to the ER. You sound really scared. I hope they can provide you with some answers and/or point you in the right direction to get some answers.

You said a few years ago that you had gallbladder problems. Did you have surgery to remove it? I just got mine out this past Tuesday. Not sure yet if it has done any good. I'm still trying to recover.
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Hi there,

Honey, you sound terrified and I'd do the same as you and get myself to an ER.  Better to feel foolish if it's nothing heart related than to wait it out.  I'm wishing you the best of luck. Let us know how you are.  Best wishes to you and your mother as well and try to remain calm (:

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thank you very much. I must admit, I'm getting scared. I never thought I would have anything like this as athletic as I'am. It started suddenly in Jan. What is CAD and the risk factors? I'm totally new at all of this. I only knew about heart attacks but never knew the causes nor any of this stuff, I'm reading in here.  I hope you are feeling well. I keep getting the feeling that I can not put this off, so I'm taking your advice. I'm going to the ER.  I'm still shocked. I just never knew that looking up my symtoms would lead me to heart related problems. Every time I search on them, putting each in the google search engines, it keeps coming up on that.  

I will keep you posted. I feel so alone with this problem besides on here and I'm glad that I found this website.  By heart disease being in my family and my stepfather dieing of a heart attack, I don't want to tell anyone in my family what I'm feeling with my heart and scare them. People are already worried about my mother havnig heart disease, (the main artery) to her heart not working right, unstable.

I also notice that I tend to get cold as well right before or then hot afterwards. My husband keeps saying it feels like I'm running a low grade fever, since yesterday after the heart spasm.

Thank you again. I hope you are feeling. Many blessings!


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thanks everyone. I took the asprin and the pain is a bit better but it is not completely gone and after all the aspin I took, that is strange.

Dmile: I got my gaulblatter removed and it was awful!!. I was at work and suddenly I felt ill and passed out and woke in the hospital. They sent me home, with appointment for test but a week later, I was rushed in with what they could not tell was a heart attack or something else, I passed out before getting in the hospital.  I didn't have gaulstones, I had gaulblatter disease, basically it was filled with fluid and infection for a year. They told me if they hadn't found it when they did, It would have become cancerous cause I had the disease for at least a year based upon the biopsy and test. they drugged me unconciouses, did the ekg and then gave me a physcial exam, while I was feeling the exstreme pain, it was so swollen they could feel it in the exam. They drugged me unconciouse and when I awoke I was being prepped for emergency surgery, I was in so much pain, I could not even stop them and ask what was going on.  Didn't have a chance to call family. There was also an infection in my liver (spreaded to my liver), so the recover was rough, body kept feeling up with flood, so I had to wear a suit that would massage my body and I could walk for about two weeks, but after about 6 months. I still feel what is shadow pain, where the gaulblatter was and see a gastral doctor.

I got the gaulblatter surgery with the little hands, three inscense, one in the chest underneath left breast area and two other places.

All I remember right after surgery is waking up, screaming with exstreme pain in my chest, and heart pain and being put back to sleep. Someone I don't even know, calming me as the drugs took and being shot pain killing drugs with needles in so many different muscles in my body.

Total, i spent about 32 days in the hospital over my gaulblatter, from fluid build up and blood infection  refuses to go away and white blood cell count refuses to rise. I think I saw about five different doctors, including a hemogloben doctor. LOL. So i been enjoying these seven years of no pain and then suddenly January heart spasms and seriouse pain moving down arms when it happens. As if I needed anything else to go wrong. I be eating right overall, not much junk food, hardly ever any fried food, (most salads, soop and some meat) don't drink and barely smoke anymore like I use to. I was walking almost a mile a day but can hardly breath good enough to get up and walk around without having to sit down and then fatigue alot now.

To honest, I feel worse now than I felt with my gaulblatter with the acception of the day it was ready to burst. I was walking around fine, just sick to my stomach before my gaulblatter finally kicked the bucket.

When these asprins wear off, it is back to feel all the pain going down my arm, now it is mostly a bit in my jaw on the left and neck on the left and left side of back but tolerable.

I fear midnight because that is when the heart spasms occur, that is when I lay back and rest. Now it is the fear of resting and it happening.

Thanks again for understanding and blessings to all of you.

I'm saying my prayers and I pray it goes well, for what ever test they decide to do.

Be back:)


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i know my stepfather is not biological. I'm speaking of my biological family. Ihere is the 411 on family tree:) My mom (biological mother) turned fifty six, and had a heart attack six years ago, infront of me and I got her to the hospital. She was admited.  she was finally diagnosed with heart disease (when i was told, two months ago) but I think she was diagnosed before that but did not tell anyone until recently. My stepfather (not family) had died and I feel she didn't want us to worry. my mom also has high blood pressure. This was after she got a new doctor and they ran several test. alot of people in my family has diabetes.  My grandmother says that in the family tree in great aunt and uncles, if she recalls there is history of heart problems but the only person she knows to have heart disease in the family now is my mother. Also, My sister has a heart murmur and so does my daughter. My grandmother, two aunts and uncles have diabetes and high blood pressure.

There is mostly diabetes and high blood pressure and cancer (breath cancer and lung cancer) in the generation after my grandmother on mothers side. My grandmother also had a stroke.

I also recall after my gaulblatter was removed, I awoke to intense pain in heart, something going wacky with the ekg i remember feeling alot of pain in my heart. They kept me three days instead of releasing me that same day. I got a blood infection, shortly after and they did an ekg and kept me another eight days.I emntioned concern about breathing trouble and he said, it is known to happen after having an organ removed because of flood, so they would watch me for three days in the hospital.
They never spoke to me about possible heart problems. That was seven years ago.

On my biological fathers side there is lung disease and other forms of cancer.

When it started with the spasms, breathing trouble and pain:

last year, shortly after I started having breathing trouble and then feeling being diagnosed with asthma. Once I had to stay in the ER until they got my breathing together. I almost stopped breathing. I never had any trouble breathing, then suddenly can't breath. then I started having this unexplainable fatigue and nausea that began in january and blood pressure not being right. They saw my thyroid gland large but told me it was not the cause, after running test. They do feel there is an underligning problem but is searching for it. I can't help but feel it is my heart, for I been feeling those spasms coming from there, breathing trouble and pain since Jan. I been too scared to even speak of it until now.

The last time they took my blood pressure, the doctor and a nurse did it, cause at first it was really low and then the doctor came to test the test and it was high. The nurse said, "strange" everytime you come in your blood pressure is low, and your pulse is slow. This is early int he morning (not long after the time I feel the spasms) Everytime I go in, they are concerned with my blood pressure.  It is usually low when I'm feeling the fatigue and usually I feel a heart spasm and pain in arms and shoulders and back.

I have not had any heart test for seven years, I only had two ekgs for heart, after my gullblatter was removed seven years ago. Also i did nopt have any of these symptoms then and the heart pain that came after gullblatter surgery, they said it was surgery related. Then seven years later, heart spasms begin.

I just looked up CAD and found the info below:

I was shocked to find that that mention 4 to six month when the phase begin and it becomes more frequent because it is exactly six months ago that it began for me and now it is more frequent.
Found at heart discover website.

Coronary artery spasm
A more unusual type of angina is caused by spasm (sudden contraction [squeezing response]) of the smooth muscle within the coronary arteries. This condition is called variant angina pectoris (also known as "Prinzmetal's angina" or angina inversa).

Variant angina pectoris does not occur when the heart has been overworked. Instead, variant angina comes on almost exclusively when a person is at rest or asleep, often between the hours of midnight and 8 a.m. The attacks can be extremely painful.

Variant angina is associated with coronary artery disease (CAD). About 65% of all sufferers have atherosclerosis in at least one major vessel of the heart. The coronary artery spasm that causes this form of angina typically occurs very near the atherosclerotic blockage.

People with variant angina often experience an active phase of the disease in which they are at particular risk for:

serious cardiac arrhythmias (heart rhythm disturbances), such as ventricular tachycardia (rapid rate of the left, pumping chamber of the heart) and fibrillation (rapid, uncoordinated contraction [squeezing] of the heart muscle)

myocardial infarction (MI; a heart attack)

sudden death

During this phase - which can last three to six months or more - an individual may experience frequent attacks of angina and arrhythmia and, therefore, should be followed closely by his or her physician. Fortunately, most people who survive the rhythm disturbances and/or heart attacks in the active phase have an excellent prognosis (expected outcome). At five years, the majority (89% to 97%) of affected individuals is alive and leading normal lives.


There is one more thing I want to say, everything that is happening to me matches that info T. There is squeezing after the spasms, its has been at least six months (maybe a week more) and now the spasms are frequent and stronger.

I'm not active when the spasm occurs, but sometime it may happens just as I'm about to get up from rest.
It is usually between midnight and 8 a.m. in the morning.
Which after research,I read that is the common time for the spasms of CAD to occur.

There is restriction of breathing, as if I can't seem to get enoough air. Always taking long breaths and loosing breathing during speak and got to rest alot, out of breath.

I'm not having a panic attack or overworked. I'm relaxing, at ease and then suddenly there is some kind of attack associated with my heart, I can feel, a spasm and they are getting worse. Then all day I'm walking around with pain moving down my arm and in my back and sometimes shoulders. A few times in my jaw.
I'm definitely in an active phase with these spasms now. I had one last week, this weekend to. I'm having one at least once a week. Before it seems to happen like every other week now every week.

I can not even run without inside my chest where my heart is, starting to hurt and going out of breath, and almost unable to catch my breath.

Thanks for all yoru help everyone. This is what is going on. I'm nervouse, short of breath and the spasms are getting worse.
I will be going in tommorrow while daughter is at school (first day of school). I don't want to drag her to the hospital with me for this. I'm praying that I don't have another spasm tonight. I had to take another four aspirins an hour ago cause the breathing is getting worse and pain refuses to go away. Has not gone away since the last spasm two days ago.


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Just curious to what you mean by "Heart Spasms"? I think you said it feels like your heart stops and starts again? Could it be a really strong pvc? sometimes when I have a strong pvc it hurts  in my chest and back as well and one it sent pain down my arm to my wrist. Just curious to what you mean by spasms is all.
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Hi, I did an extensive (as much info i could get) on my family history of risk factors. I just got this info verified by mother, cousin and grandmother.

I got this info:

1. Mom (fifty six years old) has heart disease and had a heart attack years ago (I was there and remember),

2. other grandmother on mom side in her early sixties has heart disease and had a heart attack, (my cousin was there), she takes something she said sounded like nitroglicen

3. Grandma (my mom moms) says she recalls heart disease being in the family in her family before us (not her kids) this means somewhere between my great aunts and uncles and great grandparents.
Besides this, my sister has heart murmur and my daughter has heart murmur.

4. It is important to note that I discovered in research that also risk factors are diabetes and high blood pressure: diabetes in family tree. two aunts and two uncles, and grandmother have diabetes on mothers side of family.

4. On moms side, Mom, grandmother, two aunts and uncles (the same who has diabetes also have high blood pressure).

I don't know how significant this is but what concerns me is that my family has strong recessive traits, strong heridetary such as most of the women have miscarriages before having their first child successfully. So this stuff also worries me.

Breast cancer and lung disease is also common but not as common diabetes, high blood pressure, tumors, miscarriages and heart troubles.

We all must get mammograms at an early age before we are thirty. My sister and I (after assisting with giving each breast examination to be sure, after a class on it) found a lump the size of her breast at the age of thirteen. My mother had a lump in her breast removed, grandmother had breast cancer and my male cousin and had a lump in each of his nipples and they were removed. My great aunt had breast cancer and had 1 breast removed.

Me and sister (the one with the heart murmur and born without a thumb) and we have the same mother and father) also have a risk of our children being born with a genetic disease (the same disease). I lost my son at almost 8 months pregnant to the disease and hers survived it and is not in good health after having a trachea and years of physical therapy:). It can cause diformacies, and sever joint problems. This was in the same year. I have a daughter in which they are suspecious of signs of the disease because of her joints but they don't feel it is severe, but that she need some physical therapy, since it doesn't affect female babies like boy babies because it is associated with x and y chromosones (very complicated).
The doctors do not it came from our biological father side. The problem is that my biological father knows and care little about his family and shares not info really with us.

So this is how genetic things are in my family. This is why i been reluctant to mention the heart spasm because things are so genetic in my family.

Though I would share all this info to give an idea of how strong genetics are in my family, besides me looking very much like my mother (having medical history like her) and me and my sister (with the same mom and dad) having children looking just alike:) People never know who kids is who. lol.


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Hi, aldente, thanks alot for responding:). You share alot of valuable information. My heart do not race suddenly and the docs didn't pick up any rhythm problems in listening to my heart. I don't feel a skip. I feel something blow up fast and grow and pain grows as does, and it is quick, to the point it feels like attack of my heart. I grab my chest when it is over and there is great pain.

there is intense pain when this happens. Some pain right before the spasm and feel some fatigue and chill and then it is worse afterwards. I guess it is a squeeze. I'm trying to explain it. It can be a squeeze but then it is a squeeze the tightens quickly, it is like a snatch of my heart sort of. I know that it is hard to explain but a spasm is more accurate, cause it jerks.

Sometimes I feel a tightnessing suddenly and just intense pain and not the spasm and this is still while resting.

You stated: "artery will give diffuse, squeazing, substernal (deep) pain and rarely a very but brief pain....(RARE). That pain can radiate to your neck, jaw, arms, upper back."

Let me try to explain: It is sudden, when I will feel a spasm, and it is sudden when I feel that tightness and intense pain suddenly, like something is expanding in there greatly, tightness, squeezing like and getting large and then pain grows in there, This pain is going to arms, jaw and back right after the pain is not brief. It doesn't go right away. I stays moving in shoulder, in back on left side and my right arm most. I will have trouble breathing. the paint that comes, makes me cringe. It is almost always at night and while resting.
So far there has been pain in the left side of my jaw since and that is not easing up much as it it did in my arms after the asprin.

This pain is deep in there, rib bones don't hurt, to touch my chest, don't hurt.  

you are right, I can't keep taking asprin, that is why I'm more than concerned now. I've taken enough asprin. So I'm trying to relax with the edge of a bit until tommorrow morning and I get seen. The hospital I go to (where my doc is) is at least an hour away).

Basically I'm seeing my docs at the hospital and will be expecting a diagnose for this and some kind of treatment. It has gone on long enough and it is getting worse.

I've always had a good heart with no rhythm problems before in them listening to my heart but I did notice at the last visit a few months ago, they checked my heart twice and seem to act wierd when they checked it a second time and was concerned about my blood pressure. Why they didn't tell me anything that could have been strange about the way my heart sounded, is a mystery to me.  All I heard was strange and then the doctor coming in and checking behind the nurse and asking me if I been feeling fatigue and I say yes and the doc just says if I don't feel better with the sudden fatigue, be sure to call the hospital.  I haven't been, so I will see them tommorrow morning for sure and my husband knows what to do if I have another spasm attack tonight, he is calling 911 because it has gone on long enough. I don't believe it can be heart burn for six months. I know heart burn, it is ain't that. So they can't tell me that. And i'm smiling, relaxing at rest and peace in mind when it happens.  

At least I know I'm not being paranoid and they can't treat me like I'am. As I heard that some docs do that and I know they do because the docs I saw first about my gaulblatter tried that at first with my gaulblatter before it got out of hand and i tried to tell them then of that pain I was feeling was all in my head. I said "no more pain killers, tell me what is going on cause something is wrong" well they sent me home and I was back in the er cause I collapse and I was seriousely ill because by then my gaulblatter had got far worse.

Six months is a decent amount of time to be experiencing this to. So I'm not taking heart burn or panic attacks for an answer. I know it ain't that.

Blessings to you all and thanks again. Lots of love and get well wishes:). I appreciate the responses and advice. I will respond again tommorrow after I go to the ER (if I don't end up there tonight, if I have another spasm tonight) and keep you all informed.



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Hi, I was posting yesterday during the last comment before the last one:). I hope you are feeling well. Sorry to hear that you have heart disease, especially at a young age.  I'm getting ready to go in. Got off the phone just now with the triage nurse and she wants me to come straight in and also to come in on thursday as well. She is taking this seriousely, spent twenty minutes having me describe exactly what is going on and how often. Everything she asked me, basically i said yes to, such as the it feeling like a jerk or kick, or snatch, like something being blown up in their quickly. A few times it felt like the heart stopped and started a again, suddenly I could breath again. My husband said once, he is positive I was not breathing and it frightened him. He said he was sitting there and turned to speak to me and my eye were not blinking and I was not breathing and then a second later after he checked my mouth for breath, I gasped.

Al D. I'm sorry to hear that you were diagnose so young with heart disease, I hope you are doing well. Thank you for advice and responding.

Wmac, What is PVC? Yes, a few times (three times if I remember correctly), it felt like heart stopped and started again and I could suddenly breath again, also a few times infront of my father in law that intense pain came in my heart.

Most often at night while resting, is that feeling of great pressure, like something is expanding fast in their suddenly like a burst type feeling something pushing or pulling, like intense press or pull, it takes over me and my chest actually jerks. Then she asked me if I loose breath right after, and I do.  the nurse said, "okay" You need to be evaluated as soon as possible for that and she asked me if I'm still feeling that pain moving in arms and shoulder and left side of back that came after. I had specifically asked to speak to a nurse. She spoke to a doctor and then we spoke again.

So I'm getting dressed now. I spoke to my mother and finally told her that it is still going on, (she was there once when I had an attack.). Was concerned then that I could have heart trouble,  since she has heart disease and the attack was not far from what she claimed the attack was for. She said that is why she gave me asprin. This was earlier this year. I didn't want to even consider it was that but now I wonder if it i s.  Anyhow, my sister is taking my daughter so I don't have to worry about my daughter seeing the testing, she is sensitive:).

I will keep you all informed of what they say. If it doesn't get any worse and they feel I should come home, I will post tonight.  I'm suppose to be seen on thursday to, by my regular doctor, to speak to me on this and what else they may want to do.

Blessings to you all.


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Just to let you also know that when I have sometimes have a pvc it also knocks the wind out of me. It feels as though someone has slugged me really hard in the back or chest. then it takes a second to catch my breath. Also sometimes I dont even feel a thump but I just loose my breath for a second. A "pvc" is a premature ventricular contraction. That is when your ventricle beats sooner than it should. Some people have many in a day and not feel them at all and others only have a few and feel every one of them. And unfortuantly some people have many and feel each and every one of them. Im sure that when I feel the littl catch my breath thing without feeling a thump its a pvc that I didnt feel. But crazy as it sounds the bad thump that we feel is the beat we freak out about and actually thank god for the thump because thats the normal beat its just more forceful due to the extra blood it had to pump out from the "too soon beat" pvc. So I guess we all should be thankful for the thump! haha!!! I still freak at times like every one else. If you have three or more of the pvcs in a row then of course its nsvt or vt. we wont go there.
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Loved your explanation of a pvc...thank God for the thump!  You're right, everyone freaks because they feel that next forceful beat but it is a good thing (:  Nice spin you put on it!  Take care and best wishes.
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I went to the hospital. EkG was normall, the lady says though the machine began to act us (she says cause there was a line that seemed to go almost flat) and she got another machine.
They did not get back to me yet on my blood work. The x ray was good. The doctor kept listing to my heart though and making this strange face. He said, he still suspects something is going on. Cause the pain go down my arm even while I was there and I get more short of breath when it does.

They putme on the a heart monitor since the thrust occurs at night (not every night) but at least once a week (at night while laying bed or just relaxed on the couch). They also put something in the IV. At night the pain is worse, so I was just trying to cope since I was there all day until night time.
Also the doctor doesn't know why the left hand started to swell a bit as the pain radiated down the arm to it. When I pressed on the fingers where the swell was, the pain sharpened.
Also when they ddi the blood pressure, the pain radiated worse down in the right hand, then once she was done, it moves back up and over to the left shoulder, and then stayed in the left arm.

I was also running a low grade fever, (got chills) in which they could show is coming from a virus or cold cause I don't have one. Also, they notice me becoming disoriented at night. I kept getting lost from the bathroom (right next door to my room. lol) and not knowing where I was and getting light head.

So there is the unexplained fatigue, shakiness, constant short of breath, lightheadedness, chills, swellin in hands as pain continues to radiate down arm to the hand. Also sudden changes in blood pressure as well. large thrust like deep jerk in heart between the hours of 12:00 and 8a.m. This all worsens as the day goes on. By 5 oclock p.m, I will feel a litte lightheaded and fatigue, so I will keep laying down and by 12:a.m, everything is untolerable, I'm popping several asprins.

The ER did mention that it could be PVR or heart related problems causing spasm because of my symptoms so that is also why they are monitoring my heart until I see the my medictor, on thursday.

I don't think it is palpitations. Here is why.

because this is a sudden large thrust only at rest and it doesn't matter where I been active or not, and my heart is not speeding up on me suddenly. I have seen that happen to people. They are exercising, or running and suddenly they say their heart is racing or they are walking and they say their heart sped up.

A few times, I had went to sleep and suddenly gasped woke as if my heart had stopped in my sleep but I didn't know (of course I wouldn't). I knew my heart stopped because my husband said I was not breathing. This is not the same as me feeling that thrust type jerk in my heart. I'm wide awoke at night when that happens.

What is weird about my chest xray is taht I'm almost always short of breath without any exercise (though longs look great) and the chest pain moving down arm gets worse at rest. So they know my breathing trouble is not asthma related  

My husband has heart papilpations and he says he does not feel a thrust (like large contraction)  feeling in his chest. He feels his heart speed up and hurt a little and a out of breath, when it does.   I took him to the hospital when he was diagnosed with heart papiltation.

When I was at the hospital my heart was not racing or speeding up, cause it doesn't (I don't feel it if it does). Sometimes I can feel it pouding in there, hard but not beating fast or skipping beats.  

Here is what happens at:

With me, the thrust is sudden and only at rest and between those hours of 12:00 and 8 a.m. only. just as it says for what is CAD.
I'm laynig there totally relax, at rest, my  heart is not speeding or skipping  and then sudden I feel a bit of chest pain and it moving down my arm. Still I do not feel my heart race, then shortly after there is thrust, like large contraction, pushing outward expanding.  It has neer happened during the day, only at night.

Aftwards and just before, there is unexplained fatigue, shakiness, constant short of breath, lightheadedness, chills swellin in hands as pain continues to radiate down arm to the hand.

I been short of breath and that pain that has not gone away since the last thrust in my heart two days ago.

They gave me some emergency number to call (a woman will answer) if that thrust type spasm occurs again or feel the sudden squeezing painful grip on my heart (that I've felt before)..
it is important to not that it only occurs at rest, and This occurs only at rest, at night after 12:00 a.m.

It's been two days and still short of breath and pain moving in jaw, and left shoulder and left arm most of the time now.

Thank you very much for your kindness, education on this and insight.

I will keep you all updated. I'm in for some testing.


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My husband has been having severe chest pain with pain in left arm through his back.....aftre months of pleading he went to the dr. they did stress test and something where they put radioactic in his iv...all results were good..... well he is still having these pains at night about 2weeks apart to a month....usually over in about 15 to 30 mins.    last night 2:30 am he had a bad one and was askin me to call squad then changing mind... but it didnt go away i talked him into goin to er....they called cardio hooked him up when he was hooked up he had another one.... after 20 mins. the dr came in said cardio looks good...said there are a lot of things that can cause chest pain....unhooked him and sent on our way....took about 45mins.   when we get to the car he has another one more painful then the last and he wanted to go on home... when we got home he took ibprophane(sp) dr. suggested might help... after an hour or so it was gone..... these episodes usually come with chills break out in sweat and vomiting..... any suggestions
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Did you ever find out what you had?? I am 26 and am having the same symptoms you have and they are scaring me! Please let me know if you were diagnosed.
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