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Heart Stress Test.

Had a Heart Scan done a few days back. Got the results in the mail today and can't find an explaination on the results, was hoping someone on here could help???

Greater activity is seen in the septum both on rest and stress images. Mild decreased activity is noted anterolaterally in the mid cavity region.

No definite reversible scinticgraphic abnormalities are noted to identify myocardial ischemia.

Thanks in advance.
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Hi, the study is normal. The altered activity are findings which are noticed and hence reported. What is important is hypokinesia, or diminished movement, as this indicates diminished blood supply to that segment of the heart muscle. From the study there is no evidence of ischemia so the blood supply to the heart muscle is normal. So, relax and be happy.
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Hello Paderla,
I have more info/results thought you might go over with me, being haven't heard anything from my cardio doc.

In Feb wore a heart monitor, here is the results:
Ziopatch heart rhythm monitor is; "Borderline Normal."

Supraventricular ectopics in isolation, couplet and triplet.
Ventricular ectopics in isolation and couplet.
Ventricular Bigeminay was present (longest 2 sec)

Min HR = 56 bpm
Ave HR= 84 bpm
Max HR=152 bpm (sinus tach at 2:16 pm on 2/16/2014)

On the 6th of March I had a Echo done. Here are some of the results.

Study Quaility: Poor

Concentric left ventricular hypertrophy.
There is Tricuspid regurgitation.

Procedure Details:
LEFT VENTRICLE....There is concentric left ventricular hypertrophy. Ejection Fraction=55-60%

AORTIC....The aortic is trileaflet. There is aortic sclerosis: Focal calcification.

MITRAL VALVE....There is mitral regurgitation.

TRICUSPID VALVE....The tricuspid valve is not well visualized.

Everything seems to be normal.

So, with all three of these procedures being done and put together, can you please tell me if there is anything I should be concern about?

Thank You
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Also wanted to add, since all this started, back in Dec when I 1st had chest pains my blood pressure has been high, around the 160/108 range. Which is not my norm, before then always around 125/78 or so...Plus I have pressure around my neck, especially when eating, hard to breath as well when eating.. However, worse thing is I've gain 30 lbs as well in past 3 months, though I don't eat much. Oh, n just been told I am now a Type 2 diabetic.

So want gives? Does all this tie together?
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