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Heart/Stroke Risk

  I read recently where those of us with large abdomens (always had large
  waistline, even when weighing much less than I do now) are at greater risk
  for heart disease/strokes.    
  My father had and his siblings have large waistlines in proportion to rest of their bodies (even when younger).  There is a predisposition for heart problems in their family.   My mother died from a stroke and her family also are blessed with disporportionate waistlines.
  Wheneve I do lose weight, the waistline seems to be the last to go.   If the article I read is true and I am at a higher risk for heart/stroke problems, what can I do to remedy this?
  Thank you.
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Dear JR,
Although you can not alter those 'bad waistline' genes that seem to run in your
family you can do many other things in attempt to reduce your risk for heart
disease.  If you have hypertension(high blood pressure) or diabetes these should
be treated and well controlled with regular follow-up by your regular
physician.  Never go near a cigarette let alone smoke one.  Have your cholesterol checked
and diet appropriately if it is above normal (depending on your age and the level
your physician may even consider drug therapy).  Exercise regularly, at least 30minutes
per day, every day.  Eat better, lose weight, and just become more active in general as a
sedentary lifestyle would mean even more risk of heart disease.  Good Luck.  Information
provided in the heart forum is intended for general medical informational purposes only,
actual diagnosis and treatment can only be made by your physician(s).

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