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Heart Structure is ok, but still worried....

Ok, well I went to the cardiologist and he ordered a stress test with echo. I had it done Tuesday and in just 3 mins my heart rate went up to 183. Yikes! Nothing is wrong with my heart though according to my cardiologist. He didn't find any mitral valve prolapse. He just said I have an unconditioned heart, meaning I don't excerise so my heart rate is up and so is my blood pressure. Also I was told that my anxiety is adding to that. I believe him. However, what I am still worried about is my pulse in my stomach. I had 2 ct scans done since May 25th one without contrast and the latest one with contrast on June 25th. Everything was normal. My aortic caliber is normal. I had an ER doc tell me not to worry, my gastro guy said the same, as well as my cardiologist and my regular GP. They all say that even though I haven't had this till after I got those ct scans done I have nothing to fear. They all say that abdominal aneurysms are gradual, they don't pop up over night. Especially for someone my age and having no other real risk factors. So can y'all help me out. Do I have any reason to worry or is it my anxiety kicking in? I'm only 24!!!!
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Sounds like your anxiety.  Quotes from your post:

"Nothing is wrong..."
"..didn't find any mitral valve prolapse."
"...told....anxiety is adding to (problem)"
"Everything was Normal"
",,,aortic caliber is normal."

You had 4, count them, 4 docs tell you not to worry.  They all said the same thing.

You are only 24.  Stop reading about aneurysms on the web, stop looking for more reasons to be scared...

You are only 24.  Start enjoying life.   Maybe you can start by finding a way to incorporate some exercise into your social life.  Get out and walk around the neighborhood, or the gym, or somthing.

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Hey little lady, stress and worrying is doing more damage than anything....Don't worry, just remember whatever is going to happen in our lives, good or bad, we cannot change it...Just be happy and when you feel bad go to the doctor don't sit around and worry about it...
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I don't agree she should go to the doctor and not sit around worrying about it........she has already had 3 doctors and  had numerous tests.  Joant.........an aneurysm is very rare at your age, unless you had blunt trauma to your abd..and then it would show up.  I see my pulse too.
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