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Heart Surgery delay in waking up

Hi... Please help... My husband had heart surgery two weeks ago... he is 57.  There were complications and he had to undergo a second surgery 5 days later.   Further complications arose when closing the sternum after the second op as pressure on his heart while trying to close it caused his blood pressure to go decline so they could not fully close the sternum until two days after until his heart had settled down.  They eventually started to wake him last Thursday by stopping the sedation medication....  And it took 1 and a half days for him to even start opening his eyes a few times without any other movement.   Yesterday morning (Sunday),  he was able to move his fingers and toes slightly and talk with a very slurred speech but very little.   Sunday afternoon there was a slight improvement in his speach but not much...  I could just make out what he was trying to say and he answered questions  put to him correctly so his mind appears ok.  However he still could not move anything else.  This morning  I went in to see him expecting some progress but he was just the same and cannot move anything except his fingers and toes and his speech is still slurred.  He can cough a bit on command.   I am starting to worry about him not being able to move his limbs yet.  Doctors are saying they thought he would have progressed by now also, but they keep reassuring me that he has been through a lot.  Has delayed reaction like this happened to anyone else after surgery?
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