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Heart Valve Surgery

My mom, who is 70, had Heart Valve Surgery 2 weeks ago.  She had the Mitral Valve replacement with a pig valve, and the tripcupid valve repaired.  She lost a ton of blood and went into cardiac shock.  Her lungs, liver, and kidney started failing.  Her liver has now returned to normal.  Her bun and creatinine levels are high.  Her kidney are still putting out urine.  Her heart was still weak, so they opened up her porcelein aorta valve 30%.  Her kidneys got worse.  Three days have passed since the procedure. Her heart doctors are in disagreement as to if her heart is worse or staying the same.  My question is after a heart procedure or a type of what is called surgery to open the valve is done, how many days can we hope that her heart will improve?  When kidneys start failing because of the heart, can they return to normal if her heart were to get better?  She is still on a breathing machine.  Is she on the breathing machine and not breathing on her own because her chest hurts so bad that she cannot fully breath?  She is on little pain medicine because of her liver and biliruben high before.  
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I have an 19 year old boy he has aortic root growing an aortic vavle linking.What do they do for this ?
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