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Heart attack

I am 26 years of age and one night after a long day at work I was getting into bed and started getting intense chest pains the type of pain you get when food is stuck but it was 100 times more Intense and unbearable. I was getting hot and cold with this pain for about 5mins then started to vomit and shoulders and arms was very weak. I woke up my mum and called a amberlance they arrived quickly.

Performed a ecg and told me I was having a (heart attack) and rushed me to hospital where I had two (cardiac arrest)

I was informed this happend because the fat in my artrie that runs down the front of the heart had broken of from the wall and formed a blood clot to repair the wall of the artrie with formed a blockige with was also very high up the artrie and another part of the atrie had collapsed. I have no family history of heart conditions

I now have two stents fitted and a thombos I think it's called in my heart with I believe is a very little blood clot I now take these medications daily

Aspirin 75mg

Rivaroxaban 20mg

Clopidogrel 75mg

Bisoprolol 2.5mg

Ramipril 5mg

Atorvastatin 80mg

Lansoprazole 30mg

The doctors and the hospital tell me that I'm ok and the risk of something like this happening again is very very low

My reason for starting this discussion is because I am struggling very bad to cope and come to terms with this mentally and phiscly

It plays on my mind 24hours of the day i worry so much I fell like at any point I could just die. I can't sleep I stay awake till early hours of the morning because I am scared untill I can't keep my eyes open any more i sometimes find myself crying at nothing and also stressing over the financial position this has put me in. I fill shortness of breath sensations in my chest,back,arms/armpits that my not even be there mybe they are it's got to the point where I don't know anymore if I'm felling it or if it's just in my head.

When I take my concerns to my doctor he tells me everything will be fine go home rest and stop worrying this will all pass with time. But I can't seem to do it i fell so drained and don't know what to do. I don't want to live like this I just want to fill like myself again to be normal and fell free from what I can only decribe as torture

I put on a brave face and tell people I'm ok but I'm not ok

Will this every go away and will I return to the strong confident character I once was ?

If anybody has any advice that mybe helpfully to me I would be very grateful.
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That's easy for your doctor to say, since he didn't have a heart attack! I'm curious as to what your diet is. Do you eat store bought crappy food with lots of additives, do you use the microwave oven (lots of free radicals are eaten thanks to microwaved foods) and eat 'low fat' foods? Do you eat at fast food places? Do you use cheap vegetable oils when you cook? Are you a vegetarian or vegan? All these things can contribute to heart attacks or worse. Then the pills they give you make you worse too. I was having a lot of other health problems until I stopped eating the Standard American Diet and stopped eating cheapo microwaved tv dinners and stuff you just bought and didn't have to cook from scratch. And, don't believe the whole cholesterol myth. It's all based on a faulty study. Best to do is to eat what your great great great grandparents ate! They made their own foods, they ate animal foods. They ate liver, kidneys, heart, tongue and (EEK!) even BRAINS! And don't believe they HYPE about 'BSE', that had to do with organophosphates they were spraying on the cows (read Animal Pharm by Mark Purdey). If you really want to save your own health (you're still young yet), I recommend reading "Nourishing Traditions" by Sally Fallon. And, check out the Weston A Price foundation- they saved us a lot of grief. They know what they're talking about. And, those cholesterol meds, they're poison. But, don't ask your doc, they always deny it.
Eating right may not cure you completely, but it will definitely help. Also, check out the wapf on yahoo, there are local chapters that may be in your area (on yahoo). They also got a website as well. Good luck!
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what your doctor said is absolutely correct. believe me, i  also suffered a heart attack about 4 years back and now i am perfectly normal. it seems what you experienced was very serious than i suffered and from the medication we can reasonably deduce that the chances of another attack is probably nil. what you required to do is start the exercise like walking/swimming in small bits with the advice of doctor. you will certainly feel more confident with each bit of some exercise. good luck
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I understand how shocking and discouraging this must be for you at your young age.

Two things must be considered here:

1. Heart attacks at 26 are extremely rare, therefore your doctors should be investigating your family history.  Has this happened to anyone else in either your mother's or father's family?  How are your blood fats (cholesterol and so on)?  Do your blood tests indicate that your medications are doing the job?

2.  Your doctors have tried to reassure you that this is not likely to happen again.  If your cholesterol and other blood fats and enzyme tests are improved, those are good signs.

However, it is important to understand that your heart is a muscle, and like most other muscles, it can repair damage if it is well cared for--and exercised!  Therefore, you absolutely must ask your cardiologist about a cardiac rehabilitation program.  You are young and very likely have a long life ahead of you if you care properly for your body.  Diet and sensible exercise will not only help your heart's health, but also your emotional health.

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