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Heart attack at 44

Minor heart attack at 44 and have been very suicidal since just had stent placement a year and 2 months after have a 30 rca and a 40 lad been taking meds and went plant based but actively think about suicide daily I think there is no hope to control the progression of my disease and am very scared and really depressed as my life seems over
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Have your Vitamin D3 level checked. Should be 50-70. Look into magnesium malate. Probiotics with every meal. CoQ10 and D-Ribose. All these will help with heart related problems and depression.  Magnesium should be increased first then D3. You will feel much better in days. Most of us are low in all of these. Seek help if you are suicidal. Many meds can also make you feel like that. If your nutrient levels are optimum your need for medications will be reduced  greatly. Take Care.
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I’m so sorry you are having such a hard time!  I had a heart attack at 31 and a month later got severe depression and anxiety.  I was having several panic attacks a day and stayed frustrated because no one understood me.  I tried everything including several antidepressants and nothing worked.  Finally I was put on Wellbutrin and somehow a week later I was a different person.  I know meds affect people differently but Wellbutrin really gave me the willpower to get on with my life.  Within a week I had enrolled in college classes, started spring cleaning, and had started job hunting.  I guess that’s why they give it to people to help them stop smoking because it does something for your willpower but it truly changed my life when I thought it was hopeless.  I’m sure there is that one thing out there that you haven’t found yet that will help you.  Please don’t give up!
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