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Heart attack misdiagnosed as pericarditis?

I went to the ED a while back for flu-like symptoms and fever after a surgery. They admitted me due to elevated troponin levels (243) and tachycardia at rest (118bpm). I had an EKG, echo, and chest xray, but was only told they looked "fine". I was eventually discharged with the one word diagnosis "pericarditis," no meds, and no explanation or plan other than to follow up with mt PCP.

At my follow-up, I was told I had an enlarged heart and decreased ejection fraction, and that we'd "keep an eye on it." Nothing has been mentioned since and there was no elaboration.

Anything more than general getting around has my heart rate shooting up to the 160s and leaves me exhausted. I've been having palpitations; my heart skips beats and I get a fluttery, empty feeling in my chest that leaves me lightheaded.I'm tired all the time. Is it possible I had a heart attack that was missed? I've read heart attacks, enlarged heart, and pericarditis can read similarly on EKGs.
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