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Heart attack or not!

Hi all

I hope there are some on this board who knows about terms like ejection fraction. I had a bad episode of chest and shoulder pain over 1 year ago. Final diagnosis that morning(the attack was night/morning) was cramps in the esaphagous. However no blood tests were taken that day(I was in vietnam), mainly because of a quite normal ecg. I later went to a heart specialist in Bangkok, who measured my troponin t values to 0.18 which was borderlin he said. He then made my do a echo and a stress test, which lead him to conclude that my heart was doing fine, and that i had no heart attack. My ejection fraction was 70%. Is a high ejejction fraction enough evidence against heart attack. Can I trust this heart specialist when he says that there was no heart attack on the grounds of an echo and a stress test.


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EF and heart attack are not always related. They are more than likely going by your ECG.
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Ok. I checked the ecg and the doctors notes, and it says no ST elevation.

Im thinking it might have been a sudden onset of pericarditits, or inflamation of the sac round the heart.
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Well of course remembering that not ALL heart attacks show ST elevation.
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