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Heart attack

hello my father who is about 58 years old, had an EKG on a monday and a stress test the next day which is a tuesday. the next day my father called the doctor to see if they got the results but no one answered, he then called the next day which would be thursday and no one answered again. well that very same day my father had a heart attack. I was wondering how long it takes for you to get the results of the tests and how accurate they are.  a week later we finally were able to get ahold of his doctor and he said that the test results did show irregularity and that he was going to call my dad and see what he wanted to do. but my dad had a heart attack before the doctor could notify him. but should he have already got the results within two days. the doctor seemed like he was dodging my fathers questions about the time it took to get the results.  thank you
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im sorry it wasnt an EKG it was a sonigram. so even if his artery was 100% clogged they still wouldnt find it.
and in 2001 he had a heart attack and had a stent put in, well in 2008 he had another stress test and they didnt find anything, and now he had another stress test and two day later a heart attack due to the original stent being blocked with plaque.
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Results don't take too long, but much depends on what the doctor saw. If there were just minor abnormalities the heart attack timing may have just been a coincidence and having received the results sooner may not have made a difference. A normal stress test is about 65% accurate so it may have given some advanced warning as well. Why did your father have an EKG in the first place? Was he symptomatic?

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The results of a stress test don't really take any time to become available to a Cardiologist. Let's put it this way, I was in a ward and had a stress test. Ten minutes after the test was finished the Cardiologist was at my bedside to discuss the results.
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