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Heart beat skipping ( 17 year old )

Hi, i am a 17 year old active male. My problem started at the start of march of 2022. I was in school and began to feel extremely weak and short of breath. I never felt worse in my life but it went away in around 10 minutes. I didnt think much of it later. But 3 days later..... i was about to go to sleep it was around 10 to 11 pm,  i began to once again, feel short of breath and weak, i tried to fall asleep but i just couldnt, i went downstairs to get a glass of water and try to calm down on the ckuch, it just became worse and worse i felt like my heart was about to bust out of my chewt. I went and told my dad and he immediately got up and checked my pulse.(side note: i have been diagnosed with brugada syndrome back in 2018, my dad first had symptoms in his 40s and later on i did a bunch of tests and came with 1 test being negative and one being positive, and i even went to Spain to speak to a proffessional doctor strictly known for his knowlege about this disease, and he stated that both me and my dad are at a low risk of death/complications from this disease. So my current health problem is most likely not because of this disease.) Back to the story: As my dad checked my pulse he also checked my blood pressure which was 175/87. We went to the hospital and on the way there i calmed down a bit. I was talking to the doctor, he did an EKG and checked my bp and asked me a few questions. And then he told me that i shouldnt have consumed a pre workout. NOW HEAR ME OUT, i took this caffeine product only once or twice a week at around 150-200 mg of caffeine. IT WAS NOT THE CAFFEINE but the doctor thought it was, and how do i know this? Well the same thing happend to me after a week, and again, rushed to the hospital and then they told me i will need to go on further testing for my heart and kidney. I did so.e heart tests with my cardio doc and everything turned out ok. I also spent 5 days in the hospital to run tests on my kidney function, i gave blood, urine, did some tests and sent me home. Now my health state is as follows. I no longer have high blood pressure, because a month ago it was constantly around 140ish/70ish.. now its in 120ish/60ish to maybe sometimes low 130s/60ish. I dont have shortness of breath anymore and i ate less salt to lower my bp, BUT i do however have abnormal heart beat skipping. They usually happen a few times a day.(randomly and they happen once and the next flutter happens a few hours after, so its not that multiple of them happen in one cycle, its just one). This really annoys me and makes me anxious. I read on the internet that its usually nothing to worry about if these heart palpitations happen once in a while, but they happen at random times to me every day. So thats why i decided to get on this forum and ask this question, so if anyone has had these heart beat skips im curious to know how did you mamaged to fix it? I really look forward to some answers, and right now in a few days im going to the doctor to get the rest of the tests for kidney function, because of the blood pressure is why they hospitalized me for kidney tests in the first place. And while yes i have gotten better, its still these heart beat skips that just annoy me.
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The Holter Monitor is a device you can wear for 24 hours or more which will record your heartbeat, regular or not. Maybe your doctor would agree if you ask. The Kardia Monitor is something you can buy online for less than $100 and it and an app on your cell phone will let you print out a simple EKG lasting 30 seconds each time. Either way, the problem is to convince your doctor that the skips warrant further attention.
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