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Heart disease

what causes moderate tricuspid regurgitation and slightly enlarged right ventricle?
What treatment is there for this?
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Thank you for replying to my question. The information you supplied was very helpful
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Often tricuspid regurgitation  results when the right ventricle enlarges.   When the right ventricle pumps against heavy resistance the right chamber increases in size to compensate. The resistance may be increased by a severe, long-standing lung disorder, such as emphysema or pulmonary hypertension, or by disorders involving the left side of the heart, also, but rarely by narrowing of the pulmonary valve. The enlarged right ventricle can skew the opening of the tri-cuspid valve.

I had an enlarged left ventricle several years ago and that caused moderate to severe mitral valve regurgitation.  The doctor felt there was a probability the orifice (opening) would return to normal configuration with a resizing of the left ventricle back to normal.  It didn't happen.

There is a possibility that your valve regurgitation can return to normal if it is due to an enlarged right ventricle.  Treatment would be to reduce the pumping resistance for the right ventricle. However, it is possible the conditions are not related.  The regurg is congenital, and other less common causes are infection of the heart valves, medication, drugs, injury, etc.  

Hope this helps and if there any other questions or comments you are welcome to respond.  Thanks for your question, take care.
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