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Heart echo information on it

I had a echo done in arrowhead Medical Center they 2ere horrible  they took me off my meds I was taking for 22 yrs for fast irregular heart beat 8 thought I would die I was off my meds for 3 da6s nightmare my echo conclusion is mildly hypokinetic posteriolateral wall is concerning for ischemia in left circumflex  coronary otherwise normal LV size and wall thickness estimated LV EF 55 percent mildly increased  right  ventricle wall thickness please  someone with cardiac knowledge please help me understand  what is wrong with my heart thank you
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The fact that part of your heart is hypokinetic is probably caused by lack of oxygen to the heart muscle (ischemia).
The circumflex coronary artery feeds oxygen rich blood to the posterolateral wall of the heart, so if ischemia is found, that artery is most suspect for stenosis.
Your cardiologist will probably suggest further testing.

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Hi there. Sometimes wall thickness can be a result of raised BP. How are your numbers? Do you take any BP meds?  You will probably be sent for a heart cath. This invasive test will give a proper view of whats going on. A Cardiac MRI would be a good test also?
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