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Heart issues

If someone could please shed some light for me , I’m currently in icu getting monitored , I came in yesterday with some discomfort in the chest and some sort of shortness of breath, I did rounds of blood work they all came out great , I did ecg first time was fine. However second time they saw some minor flat lines, I’m not sure what they ment, another nurse mentioned t wave inverted not sure if they are both the same. I need to see cardiologist and have ultrasound down but they don’t work over the weekend so I have to wait. Can anyone please explain what is happening or what it is? Is this something bad?  
I Had a full echo done 4 years ago only thing that showed up was dilute delft atrium and heart murmur.
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Cardiac problems can prey on the mind. They are not difficult to fix if caught in time.

Years ago my GP worried about my inverted T wave, though I have recently read that the position of the electrode is one possible explanation. I have always had a slight heart murmur from the mitral valve. Several years ago my atrial and ventricular rhythm got out of sync so I had a pacemaker installed in a hurry.

The mitral valve suddenly took a turn for the worse a couple of years ago, which may have been attributable to an unrecognized rotting tooth. Long story short I had a mitral valve repair which has worked out well.

The medical profession has made astounding advances in heart disease. They can go in there and replace valves, improve circulation etc. A bad heart is much less of a worry than cancer or several other complaints. Take your time and get a second opinion at a hospital of good repute. I trust you have Medicare or good insurance and like taking beaucoup pills every day.
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I too have a heart murmur and trivial mitral regurgitation, I don’t know what’s happening , only that my blood pressure is. 127/58 which it’s never been this low, I have had a pretty good steady blood pressure prior, also this start after I took the Pfizer vaccine 5days ago. Not sure if it’s related. But I’m only 35yrs old female.
That is something worth reporting to VAERS Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System. Event reports are what end up in available statistics. Shortness of breath can have various causes - heart not pumping well, lungs not exchanging oxygen properly, anemia. I suppose a lung pain could be confused with a heart pain. Good luck with the docs this week, and get well soon.
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