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Heart murmur

Hello I am 25 year old female who got diagnosed with a heart murmur. I will not have insurance for the next three months and cannot get to a cardiologist. My EKG was normal besides my QSR the dr said was printed out as abnormal based on the settings in their EKG machine. She said it could be by my young age. I have had chest Xrays before and all have been fine so no large heart issues. I am on toporol for high pulse because I have a desk job and had gained a little weight. Well I am losing weight and I have been under some stress and deal with anxiety issues.

I cannot go to the dr for a while since I will be starting a new job. Will I be ok? Any insight will help.
Thank you!
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Hi there,

You'll be okay.  The heart murmur is a valve that is leaking.  Nothing serious.  It just means that the valve is not closing properly and then blood leaks back into the heart.  20% of the population will have heart murmurs/Mitral valve prolapse and do not even know about it, unless it starts to cause symptoms (shortness of breath, chest pains, irregular heart beats, etc.)

People with known heart murmurs should get echo's of their hearts done, at least every 3 years (if they are asymptomatic) and annually if they have symptoms.

Only a small percentage of heart murmurs ever need medical interventions and it normally improves with the ageing process.

Just continue to look at your diet and get some excercise in as that would help with anxiety and overall good health.

All the best with the new job and don't stress about the heart murmur.  Hope the info helps you :)
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I don't know what they mean by abnormal QRS based on the settings in the machine? An abnormal QRS could have many underlying causes including heart block. Also, the murmur is a sound, but the severity of the murmur isn't listed. You don't say if you have any symptoms.
You are dealing with the weight issue, but the stress is just as high in risk. In a stressful job, it helps if you totally relax your body and take some deep breaths, even if it's just once an hour it makes a huge difference.
I apologise but there is not enough information to give a personal opinion on the next three months or so, I wish I could.
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I agree with ed. The setting in the machine is usually dealing with the "standard " stting of 10mm; most techs have no idea how to get it to run on a 5mm or a 2.5mm setting and it is highly unlikely that they were changing the setting themselves. And...if they DID reprogram the setting, there would have been a reason for doing it in the first place; EKGs set to different standards are much more difficult for the doctor to read so techs don't normally change the settings. There are many different types of heart murmurs, not all are due to leaky valves; a murmur is only a sound; they can be caused by everything from a simple hole in the heart that never closed after birth to severe forms of muscle diseases, even a fever can cause one to have a murmur. Your above post does not give enough information to really give you some sound advice on here. Take care
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Hi my name's nicole im currently 12 and i was born with a abnormal heart murmur. I already had surgery for this when i was younger but during checkups the doctor told me that i had a leakage in my heart. I have no idea what happened to me when i was in surgery and etc. If you know please tell me the machines and stuff because I'm having other issues with my health.
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