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Heart or Lungs?

known Issues: Rheumatic Heart dx, Hypertensive heart dx, Ishmaec Heart dx.
Drugs, atenolol, lisinopril, moduretic, amlodipine. have not been regular. 37 yr old man

last week I decided to go jogging as part of my weight loss plan, I had been cycling and playing table tennis for a while now. As I started jogging was always running out of breadth and will resort to walking till I catch my my breadth, after a while I decided to run very fast for a longer distance, as I was speeding up, suddenly I noticed my heart beating wildly and a sensation of something moving through my chest and shoulders, probably in my blood stream cos it seemed to correspond to my heart beat, I continued running but stopped when couldn't bread well. I tried to catch my breadth but was unsuccessful. I was running out of air and my heart was pounding wildly. Eventually my heart slowed but breathing was still shallow. After a while it seemed to subside but when I went to play tennis after a few games i started having some difficulty breathing but my heart was stable. I decided to see my Dr and after exination he said my ho was high, 150/100, last time I checked abt a wk ago it was 115/75  which was normal, I usually have chest pain of my no exceeds 140/85 for long. So the Dr said he suspected a prob with my coronary arteries and that my heart was getting enough blood, he told me to avoid strenuous exercises like running but rather should continue with tennis and walking or slow jogging and to rest anytime I feel discomfort. He placed on amlodipine 10mg, ramipril, isordil (nitrate) clopidogrel 75mg and moduretic. He told me to stop atenolol for now until we are sure of what really happened. He didn't give me aspirin cos of stomach probs as a result of aspirin use in managing rheumatic fever as a teenager. I still think it has to do with my lungs and not heart. Dr recommended echo, complete blood test and chest xray which I will do next week. Meanwhile, clopidogrel seemed to give me severe chest pain. When I called Dr hdr he was surprised and told me to get low dose aspirin. What is really happening, I still experience slight difficulty breathing but not always, have decided to abort exercise till I'm sure of what's going on. For now I'm going abt my biz as usual. Dr also said I should try to reduce from 95kg to 85kg.
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Thx for your post, I am a lot better now although I avoid very strenous exercises.
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Hello and hope you are doing well.

Inadequate oxygenation can produce symptoms of breathlessness, as the body tries in an effort to compensate for the decreased oxygen supply. It can also cause paleness and sometimes fainting spells. The breathlessness could be due to cardiac or lung disorders. But with your history of heart disease, it's likely that it is due to cardiac disorders. Your cardiac status, the medications and the exercise level may have been in balance, and the sudden vigorous exercise could have caused an imbalance between the cardiac output and the oxygen demand. Only further work up can help diagnose the cause. Until then follow the protocol suggested by your doctor. And Good Luck.

Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
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Bp 150/100. Dr suspected my heart wasn't getting enough blood
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