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Heart pain

Hi. My boyfriend started to have pain in his heart with heavy breathing about 7-8 months ago. But it was very rarely pain. Maybe once or twice a month and it would pass in 1 or 2 minutes. The pain would be worst if he would start breathing deeply. But yesterday night the pain and heavy breathing took almost entire night. He is 24 years old. About 158 cm tall and weight about 55 kilograms. He is non smoker. His father had a heart attack and almost entire part of father's side of the family had heart attacks. He has 3 brothers and two sisters. All of them are older and OK, except one 50 years old sister that has high blood pressure. So please can you help me with these problem?
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With the family history, he needs to see a doctor and have some testing.  Echocardiogram would be advised.  Shortness of breath can be the only sign of a heart attack.  Sometimes there is no pain or any other symptoms.  My uncle died suddenly at 31 from a massive heart attack due to severe coronary artery disease which he didn't know that he had.  He needs to be seen by a doctor now.  
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Yes, he's been at the doctor. Doctor said that everything is allright. That these pain sometimes can be normal and now is because sadness because I needed to move to another country now, for few months, so he is always very sad. And the doctor gave him some Heart vitamins
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