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Heart palpitations while sitting/lying down

I am a 28 yr. old healthy female, 5'3 120lbs. exercise everyday. I've been getting heart palpitations for years. Recently they've been coming more frequently but mostly only when I sit or lay down. I do have an underactive thyroid and yes my levels were way off which can cause them, but why only when I sit or lay down they affect me. Any insight to this...
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Symptoms that are caused by change it position is usually due to blood pressure or blood volume change, but unfortunatly, theres no way to ever know for sure why you get them at these momenths
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I've been told by my doctor that when the heart rate slows, there is simply more time for extra beats to happen.  It could just be a matter of that.  Since I've been here reading the forum tonight, I've had about eight of them, and I'm certainly under no stress, and my heart rate is around 60.

At night when I first lay down, I get a few of them if I am on my left side initially.  Which is no problem, since I read at night and I'm on my right side when doing so.  After about two minutes on my right, I can turn left without issue, so I guess it's just my circulation adapting to a different position.
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I have been getting them at night also when I lay down on my back or on either side.  I feel like if I lay on my stomach I am o.k.  I always feel like I want to cough when I get them.  I also get them when I bend over or turn and stretch my chest.  I guess our hearts are just more sensitive than other peoples??  What causes these stupid things?
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yeah, i get them like 30 times a day, but i understand the coughing when it occurs cause i get that 2. why do we fell like coughing??
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I am 28 years old and for the last month I have been getting palps like crazy,I had an ekg done an echo done and a stress test done, all normal. I do have alot of axiety and I worry to much. Everyday I get the palps more at the evening and it does it like crazy. I pay to much attention to my heart and I feel it does it more. I do take lorazapam .5mg to relax me but sometimes it does not help, like today. I understand the coughing because I use to do it like crazy and now just a little, I think its because its taking your breath away but not sure. I lye on my stomach to because it relaxes me and I don't feel the palps like that. It really is scary to have, but there is nothing wrong with my heart but I still think I am gonna have a heart attack.
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Wow, I thought I was a unique case!   After reading this my mind is more at ease.  

I have had palpitations since I can remember (I remember having some at 10 years old, but only a few times per year).   As I got older they got more frequent.   There have been a few years where I did not get any at all (22-25), not sure why.

I am 32 now and it drives me crazy.  I go a month or two with maybe a total of 3 episodes, then in the last month I have had about 60 episodes lasting about 5 seconds each.

I noticed when I eat a lot or get full that it is bad.  Also, when I stretch or twist my upper body I get them sometimes.  

It is annoying because I worry about it all the time, especially because my job takes me to places like Brazil and Peru, therefore my brain thinks about going to a local hospital there and that scares me.
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Wow...  Well hopefully this thread hasn't given me a false sense of security but just about all of the comments relate to me in some way.

I'm a healthy 28 year old male, 6'4 200 lbs

I had a physical about 8 months ago and checked out healthy as a horse.

I've noticed a few heart palpitations throughout my life, but never really gave them any thought.  Until recently the last two nights in a row when I layed down on my back I had an episode lasting maybe 2-3 seconds.  Which causes me to immediately sit upright in the bed becuase it scares the hell out of me.

Then it goes away..  if I lay down into the same position (on my back) it happens again.  But if I lay on my side or stomach is goes away.

I realize this is probably a dead thread, but figured I would post anyways.

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Hi, I am a 25 year old.  I suffer with anxiety and panic attack.  I am always paranoid that my heart is beating too fast and I tend to monitor my heart beat on my arm.  I didn't know so many people had the same problem as I have.  Anyways, I had ekg done test came back normal.  Had CBC and other blood work done, all normal.  I have learned to control panic attacks (I don't get them anymore), but anxiety I just can't get rid of.  I get the palpitations when I am laying down or sitting.  Never when I am up and walking, or running.  My family has no history of heart disease (no deaths due to heart disease in my family ever).  One of my brother in law is a doctor and he told me it's 99% due to anxiety in my case.  He told me even he gets it when he works 90 hours straight.  Anyways, I think it's mostly related to stress/anxiety from all the cases I have been reading here.  If you have chest pain, tightness, shortness of breath and numbness, than I'd go check it out with doctor.  Anyways, by controlling anxiety (there are many techniques out there) you can get rid of/minimize these palpitations.  I wish yall all the best.  
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I exactly have the symptoms as "backtobaghdad09" described..

I started getting this only from last month (a few weeks before i was about to close a home..) A lot of stress indeed, getting a loan, moving and doing all that thing while my job is not so secure... :)  But it got better after i moved to the new home and started once again after a week may be.. I am sure it is stress... becoz i tested that by thinking something dangerous and it did sure start my palpi.. ( i start giving it a nick name..!) . My character is more of panic type and i am a perfect candidate for BP as my parents had it and my character reaffirms it.. but that does'nt seem to be the problem here. BP is perfectly normal....
still trying to figure it out... ( i went to ER room once fearing a heart attack... remember i told u, i was panic type..:) ) they said, i am healthy as a horse (like some one said above..)  The only thing that surprised me in the ER room was very friendly staff on that day.. usually they are frown faced and stress out people..  whatever i will post after a few weeks to update the status.
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I've been stuck to the computer the past 2 days reading these posts. I'm a 40 yr Male, 6'0 185.

This string is a bit older but I found another that goes 14 pages from 2007 till 10 days ago and all saying the same thing.

I had palpitations about a year ago and had an EKG that came back normal. I do have mildly high blood pressure so I do watch my diet and exercise.

Recently I broke my wrist snowboarding and about 3 days later I started noticing the palpitations again, more often and stronger...often when I sit or cross my legs at my desk. I have not noticed it when I lay down. I am not taking any meds and was really getting concerned until I found these threads. I'm wondering if I should just bite the bullet and get on BP medication...

Here is the other thread: http://www.************.com/heart_palpitations_with_the_urge_to_cough-t93285-0-asc-100.html
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Glad people kept posting on this thread. I turn 29 this month. Exercise hard, 185 lbs and medium to slim build. In my early 20s I first had them bad; was under a lot of stress, emergency room visit, numerous episodes that kept me up all night. Definitely had anxiety and panic attacks.  I came to terms with life, unloaded some stress, dropped caffeine, and have been fine for 5 years. Only having them very very rarely and when I laid on my right side.
Now I'm married and they've exploded into my life again. It got bad enough that it was affecting work so I went in, had a simple EKG and blood test. Took beta blockers for a month, cleaned up my diet (I'd been drinking coffee/tea for a year), and amped up running. I'm off thebeta blockers now but still being plagued with these blasted palps. Lying down is the worst.
I'm not stressed that I know of, but these palps have me extremely pissed off. Now I'm losing sleep over them. I'm not concerned about dying like I was in my early twenties. Just very upset.
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Interesting thread. I also had a huge issue with palpitations and SVT (supraventricular tachycardia) that started when I was about 10 years old.I was playing baseball and ran into a player. My heart began racing and stayed that way for almost two hours. I wasn't sure what was going on. Just like most people here have written, I would get palpitations whenever I would lie down or lie on my left side. I would also notice that if I ate too much food or if my stomach was empty, I would get more frequent palpitations. My palpitations would then start this SVT and my heart would beat at 150-200 beats a minute for hours. It would start and stop instantly. I never actually felt bad during these episodes but they did scare me. Eventually in my late 20's I began having panic attacks that were related to my heart issue. I was very conscious of my heartbeat at all times..pretty annoying. I had a procedure called an RF ablation about 10 years ago and that stopped the SVT and my panic attacks. I am also an RN who has practiced in the acute care cardiology field and learned that many people who have frequent palpitation just have very sensitive electrical systems or extra nerve pathways in their hearts and position changes put pressure on different parts of the heart muscle where the nerve systems are and cause the palpitations. Anyway..just thought I'd share my own experiences.
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