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Heart problems

ive been having anxiety lately and i am quite young to be having it. every now and then when i try to sleep,just before falling asleep i wake up shocked because i cant breathe. i think that mabie my heart is stopping right in the middle of my relaxation. when i get frightened from thease things i dont breathe normally (stress), tight throat,and sometimes my heart pounds furiously because i worry too much.what could this mean? could it be heart disease? please reply i have been worrying about this for months now,im not sure what to do and i hardly have time to have a blood test,i either keep forgetting or im too busy.
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you should not be worrying about this on your own.Can you talk to your parents or a school counselor ?I'm not a doctor ,but it sounds like anxiety to me  and not your heart.  You've been worrying about this for months . It's time to do something about it . Worrying only makes things worse.Talk to someone about this and go see your doctor.
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I totally agree with jambam60. Go and see a doctor. The stress you are putting yourself through can cause all of the problems you are describing.
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ok thx ill see a doctor as soon as possible.
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