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Heart question

Was admitted to the hospital with chest pains vomitting dizziness.  ECG showed 1st degreeAV block and I was given a nuclear stress test with pictures.  Shortly after the stresstest the Hospitalist said the stress test was abnormal and it showed reversable ischemia.  Then he went and reviewed the stress with the cardioligist who said it was normal. The Hospitalist put me on metoprolol 25mg every 12hrs and pravastatin 10mg once a day. Put me on a cardio diet.  What does all this mean and why am I on a beta blocker??
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I am sorry to hear of your issues. I can relate, I went through the same thing with my wife last weekend, fortunately all her tests came back normal so I can imagine your frustration.

You are most likely on a beta blocker for one of two reasons. First, to lower your blood pressure which works by doing the second reason to be on a beta blocker, to slow down your heart rate.

This is a very common and effective drug. My guess is you had high blood pressure to go along with your high cholesterol levels which is why you are on the Pravastatin and a cadio healthy diet as well.

Hope this helps,

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I have taken the same drug for several years now for blood pressure and to aid in preventing a heart attack.  The sad part is I have become very dependent on it.  I can't seem to function even one day without. I would certainly talk to your doctor to get all the answers you need.  Take care, Ally
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"Was admitted to the hospital with chest pains vomitting dizziness"

What did they do to take the pains away? When I've been admitted with heart attack (twice now) the pain has never gone away on its own. Just two months ago I was given GTN (nitro) spray which removed the pain until angioplasty was performed. I can't see (if it was a heart attack) how the pain would suddenly go away.
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