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Heart rate very elevated, please help!

I went to the hospital after going to the nurses office with a highly elevated heart rate, after a while it went down and came back up. I was admitted to the hospital and my heart rate at first was at 150/130, when I was about to be released after many tests came back clear my heart rate after about 3 hours of rest was 96/100 and occasionally jumps to 117. Doctors say it's dehydration, anxiety, or exhaustion but I know it's not. My blood pressure is perfectly normal. I've never had any problems with my heart and I'm 14 years old. Please help!
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I usually put my disclaimer at the end but in this case I'm going to state it right up front, I am NOT a doctor, you should only accept medical advice from a licensed professional.  That being said, the heart responds to a great number of things both physical and phsycological. It could be something as simple as low Vitamin D or Magnesium. It's hard to determine what is triggering it so you need to do what you can to monitor and try to pin it down.  First, they sell simple monitors, fingertip O2 that also gives heart rate, for about $15, ask your parents about purchasing one for you from that big onine reseller named after a south american river.  Start a diary and note your heart rate at a specific time every day. If your heart rate is high make a note in the diary and include what was happening at the time, both physically around you and emotianlly ie was it cold and raining, did you have an upcoming test, maybe a bully in the next class or have to give a presentation, had you just finished gym class or soccer practice, etc.  I hope you find answers and please make sure to keep your parents in the loop with what is going on as they can provide the best guidance for you!.
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