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Heart stents & abscessed wisdom tooth problems

I have Heart disease with lower teeth throbbing and I just had stented in Aug of 2020, same two arteries that blocked 10 years ago. I also have an abscessed wisdom tooth and painful. My cardiologist felt that it wasnt blocked again and blamed it on the abscessed tooth and now he wont let my Orthopedic surgeon pull it, because he said i have to wait a year to be one on my Effient before i can get tooth pulled. It took me a year to finally get an Orthopedic consult and he was going to pull it in May of 2021. Now even if he could do it in AUGUST of 2021 due to my cardiologist making me wait, now hte orthopedic Surgeon cant pull it until October. I have already been on 4 series of AMOXICILLEN for the tooth and warm salt water swish and it hurts as does my chest.
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