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Help? Chest Spasm?

Help me

I just had a weird feeling in my chest when i stood up it was like a sudden jump in my chest it happened twice. I really shocked me after wards. I feel kind of dizzy after it. I'm really confused i've never experienced this symptom before. It was a pump, like a jump, in the lower part of the chest. I'm really scared. Could this be major? I'm not going to be able to sleep tonight. Not to mention I suffer from anxiety and hypochondriasis. Please help put my mind at rest. I am gonig to see a doctor tomorrow morning. could this be a chest spasm it lasted 1 second and happened twice one after the other. Was it a chest spasm or a heart flutter?

Extra Information.
I'm from the United Kingdom and i'm 20 years of old. I've had a previous ECG (Resting ECG test) a month a go, the results came back "NORMAL". I'm on no medication. i'm slightly underwight for my age and hieght. Like mentioned I suffer from anxiety and hypochondriasis.
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i think your heart skipped a beat, it happens when you are anxious its nothing to wory about esp when you dont have any heart problem. skip beats are normal it happens from time to time, my cardiologist explained that to me, i'm also experiencing that almost every day its bec of my heart condition. on your part im guessing your just anxious or maybe something startled you, no worries, just try to calm yourself..
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I should include that there was no pain, it was like my chest just pumped. it was like my heart had stopped working for that second?
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