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Help! my dad has 779.84 mg/dl triglyceride levels and 6.87 LDL- choloesterol


My dad who has type II diabetes, hypertension (BP: 160/100 ), weight 106lbs, 5'11 and 62 years old. Just recently went to get his blood test with results I have never encountered!

* Triglyceride: 779.84 mg/dl
* LDL: 6.87 mg/dl
* HDL: 31.40 mg/dl
* HBA1C (liquid chroma): 6.60%
* Fasting Blood Glucose: 209.53 mg/dl
* SGOT (ASAT) : 48.45 u/L

My dad is complaining that recently he's been having stuttering (is this related somehow?), easily gets mad, forgetful, very fatigued. His daily diet prior to the test is mostly chicken and rice. He takes herbal supplements like: moringa (malunggay), serpetina, tumeric, guaybano. He is also taking losartan, selerimin, allupurinol, junuvia, micardis, and diamicron.

Looking for a fast response to this

I want to know what could be causing a huge shoot in his triglycerides and what can be done. Really scared my dad may have CHD.

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hi...his triglycerides are very high. I cannot diagnose him because im not a physician. But as far as I know, if your father has a blood pressure of systolic >130 and diastolic of >90 for a very long time, it can cause damage to his vital organs. His is not overweight. Based on his lab results, his triglycerides are very high, it should be 40mg/dl. You should be able to know his cholesterol level.

If you want to make him healthier, you should prepare foods that are according to the DASH diet (diet against hypertension). Give him lots of vegetables and fruits(2-4 kinds of fruits a day) and avoid fatty foods, processed foods, fast foods. A home cooked meal is always the best. He must at least eat 2 fatty fish in a week.  He must do walking exercises 30 minutes everyday. If he really wanted to be strong, healthy and can live longer he must work his way to change his lifestyle.

It is best to ask a physician point of view because he has the best answer to your questions.
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thanks so much kristine 24!!! will get on it!!
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consistency in his lifestyle is very important to maintain a healthy body..

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