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Help spontaneous dissection during pregnancy clot still present

I am 37 yrs old and on 5-4 i had pains and i thought they were labor but it turned out i had a spontaneous dissection in right coronary artery the did emergent cath and was not able to get to the 99% stenosis due to my arteries being fryable and therefore my aorta was nicked during the process causing a small dissection.  The baby was then taken c section at heart hospital..My cardio dr says it is just wait and see he may want to go back in there to stent but i am scared of fryable conditions again i would like some info on any other cases like this one to kind of give me some answers.  I have all of my medical records in case you should ahve any questions
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If you have an ascending dissection which then extended into your right coronary artery, which is the most likely scenario and not the reverse, then you need to be operated because there is a high risk of death from ascending ( type A ) aortic dissections. You need to see a cardiothoraccic surgeon ASAP who specializes in these procedures. At the same time he also may have to bypass the right coronary vessel, but that is not the most important issue. Type A dissections can rupture unpredictably and when this occurs most people do not have time to make it to surgery. This is the same condition which took famous actor John RItter's life at a young age fairly recently.
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