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Help understanding EKG/ECG results from 2 ER visits due to chest pain

Visit 1:

Test Reason : Chest Pain Proto
Blood Pressure: ***/*** mmHG
Vent. Rate : 106 BPM
Atrial Rate: 106
P-R Int: 140 ms
QT Int: 344 ms
QRS Dur : 086 ms
P-R-T Axes : 043 072
047 degrees
QTc Int : 456 ms

Sinus tachycardia
Nonspecific T wave abnormality
Abnormal ECG
No previous ECGs available

Visit 2:

Test Reason : Chest Pain Proto
Blood Pressure: ***/*** mmHG
Vent. Rate : 096 BPM
Atrial Rate : 096
P-RInt: 142 ms
QT Int: 382 ms
QRS Dur : 078 ms
P-R-T Axes: 050 002
015 degrees
QTc Int : 482 ms

Normal sinus rhythm
Low voltage QRS
Possible Inferior infarct, age undetermined
Cannot rule out Anterior infarct, age
Abnormal ECG
When compared with ECG of 14-OCT-2021
Significant changes have occurred
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The Web says that is inflammation of a cartiledge in the chest that resolves quite rapidly by itself. I don’t see how that would cause a fast pulse. The KardiaMobile requires a cell phone app.
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I don’t have any kind of monitor though for it to pick up my health info.
What kind of cell phone can I use does it have to be a smart phone or can it be a IPhone
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Hmm! The ER did not refer you to a cardiologist? Maybe you do not have insurance. Has your heart rate always been this fast. There’s a $79 gadget called KardiaMobile that lets you run your own simple EKG on your cell phone and email the results to your doctor. That’s all I got.
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I do have insurance and I don’t know why they didn’t even talk to me about these results let alone refer me to a cardiologist. They said my chest pain was costochondritis. Does the KatdiaMobile app require an Apple Watch? I don’t have one. Thank you for your response!
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