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Help with ECG Report


Can someone tell me if my ECG Report values look alright, or they indicate some underlying disease? I have undergone this ECG while being on a 2.5mg dose of escitalopram (I was taking the medicine for depression/anxiety, and was in the phase of reducing it slowly). I'm 22 years old and otherwise healthy, apart from anxiety issues. Recently I started having a few chest tightness issues, so I was getting worried about the ECG; I did it approximately 3 months ago.

Heart Rate (Pulse, measured before): 84bpm
Vent. Rate: 78 bpm
PR interval: 162 ms
QRS duration: 92 ms
QT interval: 332 ms
QTc interval: 365 ms
P/QRS/T axis: 76/87/70
RV5/SV1 amp.: 2.12/1.07 mV
RV5+SV1 amp.: 3.19 mV

1100 *Sinus Rhythm*
40303 *Early Repolarization*
9110 *Normal ECG*

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I was mostly worried about having some short QT syndrome. Is my QT low enough for that? If it's helpful, my lowest J-point to T-peak interval (which I head is also of interest in short qt) is 130ms (take it with +/- 5% error, I measured it myself). The average J-point to T-peak would be around 150ms.
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I might add that when I did the ECG, two days before, I had woken up, and while everything was fine, when I tried to stand vertically up on the bed, I felt some sharp, strong pain middle of the chest. The pain was sharp, and then decreased in intensity. If I would lie back down on the bed it would completely disappear. Stand up again, it would come back. It hurt upon breathing at first. After I stood up with it, it continued to decrease in intensity until it disappeared after about 1-2mins. I attributed it to sleeping in a bad position (as I was hugging a small pillow, which effectively crushed the middle of my chest). But of course my anxiety got me wondering, so I had the ECG.
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