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Help with understanding Echo and vasculitis in heart

I am 47 year old female who literally fell apart in 2009.  Have a host of problems which started as what was thought was IBS exacerbation.  
Long story, but here is what I don't understand about my heart?  I started having high blood pressure in August 2008.  My PCP, tried various drugs-Metoprolol , then Bystolic, then Avapro, now Tekturna 150mg twice a day until Oct 2009.  I was sent to a large academic hosptial for the GI problems and the specialists I saw there, could not believe that I had been dealing uncontrolled hyptertension for this long and never referred to a cardiologist.  I told him that the doctors kept telling me it was the pain causing my BP to be so high.  Basically, he said no way-----yes, it would cause it be elevated some---but not to this extent of 190's/100's irredgardless of what dr or specialist office that it was taken at.  Plus, I had multiple procedures/surgeries----and always required Lopressor after each one because of BP.
So In Nov 09, I saw the cardiologist and had a chemical stress test, EKG, and ECHO.  He said everything looked ok---but when I got a copy of my records (which I do from each doctor i see);  it showed mild regurgitation in the aortic valve, mitral valve, pulmonic valve and tricuspid valve-----------and a 67% left ejection fraction.  His PA caled me and said it was all ok and if I got worse to come back?  Then he told me to take Tekturna 150mg and Bystolic 10 mg a day.  Well, the high BP continues.  Last thursday, it was 209/118-my PCP told me take 0.1 mg of Clonidine and immediately go to bed.  I did.  I woke up around midnight-wasn't dizzy or lightheaded-sat on bedside for awhile to be sure-then walked 4 feet into my bathroom and passed out.  I lost consciousness because when I woke up, I had lost bladder function and pee-pee'd all over myself.  Banged up everywhere pretty bad, now my spine REALLY hurts.  Still waiting on him to get me back into cardiologists office---------but I called them myself and told his PA what happened.  He said it sounded more to him like I had experienced a seizure?????  Who knows.  I don't mean to sound like I don't care----but I really don't anymore.  I have reached my breaking point.  I've done everything all the dr's have told me to do and now they start telline me it's al psyological???????  Well, how do you fake blood pressure readings that high?
Anyway---if there are any heart specialists out there---could you expalin to me how and why all 4 of these major valves have regurgitation? and how serious is that?  The cardiologist obviously didn't think I needed a heart cath but now I wonder?  And I told him that back in April of 09, I had been diagnosed with leukocytoclastic vasculitis (per biopsy on hand lesions and knees)---but dermatolgist thought it was due to allergy to Vicodin (which had never happened before then).  He warned me that vasculitis can effect all blood vessels, especially the eyes, lungs, kidneys and heart.  So I had my eyes checked and they were fine.  The lesions finally cleared up but left scars all over my hands.  
So how would  I know if my heart was effected by vasculitits?  Is there any way for me to tell from my records?  Could that be what is causing my cont'd high Blood pressure?  Like I said, I called my cardiologist, could only speak to his PA, who seems to be very smart----but they can't see me until next Tuesday!  So guess I'm not dying?
Any info would be appreciated.  I don't "feel" horrible, but yes, am in pain in multiple areas from the fall.  And yes, home blood pressure monitor still reading very high.  Waiting on labs from PCP due today, then maybe will have a plan?
Thank you so much for your help,
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