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I read somewhere that Ischemia may be what I have.. does this sound right? My Eyes have been doing this strage thing for awhile now. For a whole month it will appear like I have pink eye (no itching or burning) but then for two months they will be crystal clear. Now they are pink and my eye sight has gotten very worse in the last 3 days. I can still see, but everything is blurry. I have contacts (but I don't wear them when my eyes get like this) I went to a doctor (the last time my eyes got all red) and he gave me (Polymyxin B Stilfate and Trimethoprin Ophthalmic solution USP) drops.. they made my eyes look like someone poured blood in them. So I stopped using it. All I am doing now is wearing my glasses. my right eye feels like someone punched it. What is wrong? I can say that I have also been feeling a lot more anxious lately, hot flashes and my urine is neon yellow... But I drink a lot of water everyday.... thinking maybe it could all be related?
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None of your symptoms sound like they are realted to your heart.
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Ischemia can of course affect all parts of the body, irrespective of the heart, but it sounds like a bad case of conjunctivitis. This can be caused by bacteria or fungi and when severe it could be necessary to take antibiotics. Your eyes are particularly vulnerable to allergies too, so perhaps the contact lenses/cleaning solution are a problem. A simple antihistamine medication across the counter and not wearing contact lenses for a while will soon test this theory.
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