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High BP + Tachy + Tremor

I'm a fit and healthy 27 year old and have had a constant tremor creeping up on me over the past year and getting worse.
My also fit and healthy 25 year old sister recently found out she has hypertension so I measured mine and it was 180/110. My heart rate also never drops below 100 even at rest.
I've started some propranolol 20mg but it makes me sleepy and only really brings my bp down to ~145/105 and HR ~90. It also only marginally helps with the tremor.
The tremor is much worse with exertion/intention. After lifting weights I cant even get a cup of water to my mouth, and trying to dish up food at the family table can get very embarrassing since my hands shaking so bad. I also have the tremor in my legs, trunk and facial muscles. Its not bad in the mornings when i wake up but starts up badly around lunch time.
Other Sx: constantly sweaty palms, generalized sweating, startle easily, vertigo (when i turn my head too fast it feels like the room is tilting), slightly blurry vision

I am starting a new clinical rotation soon and the shakiness could really impede my work. I'm also worried about what long term effects the high bp could have
Any input would be appreciated
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Your question has produced threads that seem to relate to your medical concern.  If you have any followup questions you are welcome to respond.  Thanks for your quesiton.Take care,

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You've got all these symptoms and not been to the doctors?
You need to get checked out - particularly for thyroid problems and to keep an eye on  your BP. Your sister does too!
Let us know how you get on.
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man,what are you waiting for,ur Bp should slowly go down ,systolic Bp below
140,and diastolic Bp below 90.you can achieve this with a combination of antihypertensive medications.if you don't,surely sooner rather than later you might have a stroke(god forbid),or kidney failure.the cause of tremor might be bc of the high Bp(in your case),or thyroid gland hyperfunction.
keep your diet low in cholestrol(this decrease bp by 10),do some exercises(this will keep it down by 10),stop eating salt(this also decrease it by 10),and stop drinking coffee.visit your GP as soon as possible.
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