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High BP And Vitamins

Started taking Ginsana Gold "Vitality" Vitamins. It has 80mg of Ginseng in each pill, plus it's a multi-vitamin. Box says it helps enhance oxygen absorption. Is this safe to take with high BP meds? They do make me feel rather peppy like I just drank alot of coffee. And they do help ALOT with th E.D's. I hav'nt checked my BP while on these, but from the way I feel I'd say it's up. What do you think. Age 45
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Dear Important 1,

I would recommend close follow-up for your high blood pressure along with appropriate dietary and exercise regimens. There are no official guidelines on any cardiovascular disorder which recommends or suggests the use of vitamin therapy. Furthermore, many of the potential interactions between vitamins and prescription medication are unknown.  For a patient such as yourself with high blood pressure, I am not aware of any vitamin that has proven efficacy. Therefore I would not recommend the consumption of vitamins in your situation.

I would recommend following up with your doctor and monitoring your blood pressure at home. Also, under the care of your physician, have your cholesterol checked and start an exercise regimen along with dietary modifications to help lower your blood pressure and cholesterol.

Thanks for your question,

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Hi There!!

   My husband works third shift and needs to stay awake.  He works with chemicals so he really has to be on the ball.  He was taking ginseng to stay awake, and his blood pressure with was on the slightly high side started to spike up.

   We talked to our pharmacist who said that ginseng increases blood pressure, revs up your body.  My husband stopped taking it, and within a week or so, went downward again.  Consult your Dr. before taking any herbal supplements, that are not as safe as one would believe.  Good Luck and Happy Thanksgiving.
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