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High BP and Coreg usage

Hi,thank you for this opportunity.  I've recently been diagnosed with high blood pressure, although I'm fairly young (early 40's).  I don't have any risk factors except strong family history.
I was sent to a cardiologist, who heard a murmur and concurred with my family Dr. about treating the high blood pressure. (145/95).  I'm having an echo soon.  I have been prescribed Coreg, which has worked great the last couple months.  I feel wonderful!  My cardio said this medicine is also used to treat and has preventative qualities against congestive heart failure.

My question is, if I'm using Coreg for HBP, is it reasonable to use long term since it is used primarily for congestive heart failure? Does it have the possibility to cure or prevent HBP or CHF or does it just cover symptoms.  

Thank you most sincerely,
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Hello marching on,

Coreg is primarily a heart failure and post MI treatment.  It is true that it will treat high blood pressure.  If you had a strong family history of cardiomyopathy, I think coreg is a great medication.  I usually start my patients on hydrochlorithiazide (a diuretic) and as a second agent I use a once a day ace inhibitor like lisinopril.  The data supports using diuretics over beta blockers and hydrocholrithaizide costs about $12 per month compared to coreg (very expensive).  However, by no means is coreg the wrong choice.  It will work.  It is just an expensive choice.

I will treat the high blood pressure.  As long as you take it, your blood pressure will be better controlled.  If you stop it, you blood pressure will increase again.

I hope this helps!
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If you do end up taking it - start it on a day you DON'T have to work, in case you get the fatigue I got that made me into a zombie.

Also, beta blockers can raise the risk of type 2 diabetes so make sure get your blood sugar checked every year (you should be doing that anyway - everyone should)
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Hi, maybe you aren't aware of this, but the forum has requested that we not post more than 2 questions every six months.  This gives opportunities to everyone else out there.  It is a good idea to write down when you post as it is so easy to forget the last time.  Thanks in advance for being fair to all.
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Yes I agree with with mmfd not to sound like the posting police but you need to give others a chance. By my count you have posted at least 4 times as of recent history
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