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High BP, low oxygen, from sleep apnea?

Two years ago I was dx'd w/CHF & PH, after surviving sepsis.  Kept up with cardiologist until I lost job/insurance last year.  This was also right after a sleep study showed central apnea and very low oxygen during the night, but due to lost job, I wasn't able to follow through with treatment?options.  I now have a new job & ins. just started again.  

Last week, I started getting headaches, and began using oximeter again, obsessively.  94/93 during the day, and drops to 80s when laying down or with activity.  Also started checking BP again, which used to always be low, and now it is suddenly high, especially at night.  And heartrate 100 while trying to fall asleep, shoots to 115 when I move around at night.  During the day, it's high 80s.  

I also discovered pitting edema along my shin bones, have had minor stabbing & burning in chest, hands go numb.  So today I called to make an appointment with PCP, and she demanded? lol that I call an ambulance to the ER.  I didn't think I was that bad, but fine - I had a friend take me.  The ER said my EKG was fine, bloodwork fine, and by the time they checked my BP & oxygen, they weren't so bad - my oximeter seems to measure low, I guess.  But the ER dr prescribed Norvasc to help lower BP (right?), and said maybe my low oxygen at night, while laying down, was just the apnea.  I can't wait to follow-up with a new cardiologist.

It seems to me (google queen) that CHF has gotten worse.  And it's weird but I don't want to be told I'm fine.  I want to FEEL fine.  I'm just rambling here, thanks for listening.  Please share if you've been here, done this, have any thoughts.

Question: Do you track your BP, oxygen, anything else?  When, how often?  

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I check my BP about every three or four times a day usually, maybe every other day unless concerned more, but I have heard that you should check just two times a day if older. I have checked more often because if fluctuating BP and higher BP l as well as elevated BP lately. But get saved, make sure you are trusting in The Lord Jesus and are your doctor if necessary. Good luck. Sometimes we might feel like we are in this alone but GOD we know, now, He is with us! Amen.
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