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High Blood Pressure & Hiccups, Could it be the Meds?

My dad is stubborn and has only been to a doctor once in the past 40 years until Monday a week ago and that was when he had an ulcer burst and had to have surgery. I financially support my parents and insurance on him is way too high for me to afford. Dad has a history of very high blood pressure and ulcers.  That Monday, Dad had a stroke. He was in the hospital for about 28 hours when they released him. He was diagnosed with a stroke and hardened arteries. The doctor put him on 8 medicines and sent him on his way. He has been taking his meds and went to the follow up appointment. The doctor isn't checking his blood levels and doesn't seem interested in the concerns we have. A few days ago, dad developed hiccups that don't want to go away and takes his breath away really bad. It wouldn't worry me except he often stops breathing and gets scared like he's choking when he has the hiccups. The medicines he is on make him dizzy and confused (more so than before) and he feels he is getting worse. He is on Furosemide, Klor-Con (potassium chloride), Aspirin, Metoprolol, Lisinopril, Hydralazine, Simvastatin, & Nitroglycerin cream. I am wondering if these medicines react well with one another. I know the Klor-Con makes him VERY confused and dizzy. Is there another type of potassium that can be used for the same effect that won't cause these symptoms? Also, several years back (before the ulcer burst), dad was worried about his heart so he began taking Aspirin. He took one pill a night for a few months but started having a breathing problem while sleeping. He would stop breathing in his sleep. He stopped taking aspirin and this problem went away. I don't understand why a doctor who is aware of the ulcers would even prescribe aspirin. Can anyone offer any advice as to what to do in the way of switching medicines or perhaps using a natural form of something? Please help; I don't know what to do and we have no help.
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I'm guessing that your doctor feels the stroke risk trumps the ulcer risk.  The drugs he is taking are certainly consistent with that.  

There is a stroke forum on this board that probably would be of greater value to you.  On the top of the page one can select forums, then look for stroke.

Best wishes
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