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High HDL and High LDL, Do I need to take medication.

I am 53 and female.  For three years that I know of, I have had high Cholesterol with High HDL and LDL levels and they continue to rise.  Two family doctors told me not to worry about, the good counteracts the bad.  I just saw my GYN for some other lab work that I brought with me and when she saw my Cholesterol level she wanted to put me on Cholesterol meds. which I am glad to do because I don't like having such a high LDL and total.  

Previous 2 yrs. Cholesterol Tests Total = 183     HDL = 62    LDL = 109
                                                 Total = 236     HDL = 97    LDL = 126
Present Total Cholesterol            Total  = 261    HDL= 104    LDL = 145

Is it dangerous to have these number and do I need to be on anti-cholesterol meds.?

Also, why to the HDL and LDL numbers never add up to the total number?  What happens to the missing numbers?

Thank you.
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Cholesterol comes in many forms in the body and it is almost never measured directly. As mentioned above 20% of chylomicrons carry cholesterol and since most of triglycerides are in chylomicrons the approximation is made.
The levels at which to treat depend on the number of risk factors for coronary disease. It was though that the high HDL would decrease the level at which one treats high LDL, but this view in now less popular since there are disorders which cause high HDL and also high rates of coronary disease.
So ask you doctor what your risk factors are and whether or not you need treatment. To be safe you could start a cholesterol lowering medication with any number of risk factors, but even then the goal for treatment is different.
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The total cholesterol is the total of the HDL and LDL with 1/5 of the triglycerides.
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Thank you for that information.  I asked several people on several levelsand no one knew the answer.
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A related discussion, cholesterol level  Is  it correct. was started.
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