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High MPV Level

Today I received the results back of a Comp Metabolic Panel, Lipid Panel, CBC w/diff, etc.  All results for everything were within the normal range except the MPV which was 13.8 when the normal range indicated was 9.8-12.7.  (My Platelet count was within the normal range at 193). The doctor called me with the results and said everything was good.  I asked him to fax me the results.  When I read the fax I saw the high MPV level which my family doctor did not even mention on the phone.
Should I be concerned?  What are the possible causes? Should I have more tests done? Should I see a Specialist? Should I avoid certain foods or medications or vitamins?  Should I eat certain foods or take certain vitamins or medications? I am concerned as I have never had a high MPV level before.  
Your input would be greatly appreciated.
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Not to worry!  MPV (mean platelet volume) on a CBC (complete blood count) is one of the indicators of platelet size.  The "normal" range of 9.8-12.7 is where most people will fall, but numbers slightly out of that range (like yours of 13.8) are for the most part in the normal spectrum.  These numbers can vary from test to test and day to day with hydration status, normal variability in the lab results themselves, etc.   I would not do anything and would not worry about this unless there were other indications that you had platelet dysfunction (abnormal bleeding, low platelet count, low blood counts, etc).  This is a common issue that arises when patients get the lab reports that show a "L" or "H" highlighted by the computers next to results that are actually not concerning and normal findings.  Hope that provides some reassurance.
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