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High blood pressure young adult.

hello, first of all i am 18 years old, i weight 115 im very skinny, i am about 5'6.

basically i was diagnosed just earlier today my blood pressure was 140/100 (no drugs, caffeine etc, non smoker nothing)

i was just wondering is this abnormal for a boy this young, last year ive had holter monitor tests, ekg, ultra scan for my heart and they were all normal including BP. the only reason i saw a cardiologist last year was because i complained about my high heart rate normally 90-100+ at rest. but they said i was fine nothing to worry about and just to see a psychiatrist because it might be anxiety and my psychologist prescribed me anti anxiety med which i stopped using cause i didnt like it, and didnt want to be addicted.

so a year later, now something is really wrong, i went to see the doc cause i have had chest pain during exercise, still high heart rate and my blood pressure they checked was 140/100ish and no the doc prescribed me atenolol.

my main questions are,
1) is this normal for a young man (obviously not i dont know why i asked),
2)should other tests be done that anyone suggests
3) how long for the medicine (atenolol) to start working to its peak
4) is it safe to exercise
5) what can i do to be healthier. if I eat any healthier than I do now id probably die because im 110-115 pounds any skinnier its just wrong.

thanks guys
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for question 3, i meant to ask does atenolol work its peak the day it is taken or does it take a couple of days. my blood pressure is still higher then my grandma and my mom and theyre obese. grandma takes the same amount of atenolol as i do, mom takes nothing. im getting depressed at this situation
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I know atenolol is a beta blocker but that's as far as I read...  At the top of the page there is a "Drugs" link you can click and find out about various drugs.  Again, I didn't read but the first page for atenolol but see there are many pages to read.  The specific information your after might be in there somewhere(?).  While you are waiting for an answer you can do some research.

For question #5;  A former co-worker ate nothing but health food.  His hobby was kick boxing, funny this was our boss did the same thing and they used to spar quite often.  You could tell when they did by the black eyes and bruises.  Must be a wonderful feeling to be able to punch the boss and still have a job.  Any case, to get to the point... You are apparently eating right so the next best thing is exorcising.  He went to a gym every day, if it wasn't for all the exorcising he did he would be just like you, skinny as a rail and light as a feather.  So if/when you are cleared to do so do all the hard core exorcises you can.  You may not need the drugs for life if you do both of the above, eat and exorcise right.
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I suffer from what is called Polycystic Kidney Disease (google it) which causes chronic kidney stones. Many people have this disease with no signs until they are much older. When their kidneys begin to fail them. The main symptom is high blood pressure beginning as a young adult. why? Because your kidneys are working too hard fighting off the cysts and they are not filtering correctly. I was diagnosed with PKD in July last year after a car accident. I just happened to decide to see a friend who happened to also be a urologist as I did not have medical insurance and knew he would let me pay it out.  He ran a series of tests and came to find I had chronic kidney stones. A total of 6. Just in there. Probably been there for years. If you have high blood pressure on top of chronic stones I highly recommend you get tested. A CT scan is the best way to get diagnosed and make sure you see a Urologist who. If you would like to here more about my story I will happily tell you. Before you get tested you need to know this is a fatal disease and this will affect your ability to get life insurance and affordable health care if you do not have it prior.
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Guys i have the same problem,so please if you wanna talk about it add me on facebook and just say that you are from this website

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