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Holter Monitor or Stress Test

Comparing these two, which one is more accurate?
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I would do both! I've done both as well! A holter monitor is 24 hour monitoring it shows your heart rate all day. A stress test was able to help me when I was 6 years old, it showed that my pacemaker rate dropped below the standard rate.
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You have asked an interesting question.

I've had both a holter and stress test multiple times.  In my case, the holter was definitive in showing why I needed a pacemaker, it showed a heart beat issue.  The stress tests were more influential in leading to stents and eventually, bypass surgery.  I'm not sure it's an either/or situation, it's more a matter of evaluating all the information.  Hope this helps.
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That all depends. Wearing a holter monitor on a lazy sunday may mean it wouldn't see anything wrong. A stress test sees your heart at rest before the test begins, and then when working hard. There is a possibility of course that an event could be missed by both.
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