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How accurate is an echocardiogram in diagnosing septal infarct?

A series of ecgs suggested I had a septal infarct (qs in v1 & intermittently v2). It would have been silent as I have had no symptoms. My echo came back normal. Is it possible for the echo to miss an old heart attack? My doctor doesn't think any further investigation is warranted but I'm not convinced. 
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Yes, best scan is nuclear med. For this.  Possible a cmr if fibrosis is a possibility
Thanks for your response. Would a CMR give similar information to a nuclear med? I would be able to get a CMR but not a nuclear med.
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Its pretty different in what they show... nuc scan gives direct info on lack of flow ( ala bloackage) cmr shows anatomy ( even micro really well) but ischemia not as well, unless its caused infarct.
Im most interested to find out if there is an infarct rather than ischemia. So will CMR be able to identify infarction?
Yes. Especially, if you started developing fibrosis in that area.  A cmr with contrast will certainly do the job!
Thank you :)
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No prob
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