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How effectively can I reverse CHF if I quit alcohol?

I am a 58 year old female, good health, ideal weight, low blood pressure, no coronary artery disease, non-smoker, eat very well . . . but I drink several beers every night to sleep.  My EF was low (i.e., in the 40s then down to 30s).  Doc put me on an Ace inhibitor and also a beta blocker.  I'm trucking along but am tired, and now wake up with congestion.  I am sufficiently scared to STOP ALL ALCOHOL but want to know about how possible is to re-strengthen my heart.  Additionally, can someone tell me what questions to ask my doc so I can understand the extent of "the damage done"?  I understand from my reading that reversal and recovery depends upon the extent of damage.

In short, if alcohol is eliminated, I need a plan forward and a sense of what I can fix.  Part of this puzzle entails understanding where I stand now in terms of severity of damage.  Are their specific tests or measures that indicate level of heart damage?

Thank you; this is a great blog.  Neil, your responses are very useful.
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Beta Blockers make you tired.  On alcohol, a dr once told me "a glass or two of wine is fine, a bottle or two will kill you".  Also with lowered EF your body will hold on to fluid more, drinking more fluids doesn't help CHF.  I use a wrist-cuff automatic blood pressure monitor and a fingertip O2/heart rate monitor, each about $15 at that online retailer named after a S. American river.  Give up the alcohol a couple of days and check your bp once at night and once in the morning and see if there's a difference. With that info you can talk to your dr and decide.  DISCLAIMER:  I am NOT a doctor.  I am not qualified to give medical advice.  You should always consult a licensed professional.
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