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How many patients diagnosed with Prinzmetal agina found problems in their LAD artery which eventuaally lead to an MI?

From what I have read online here regarding prinzmetal, I am seeing common themes.
I am also as frustrated as the rest of you.  I have had what was at first called an artery spasm with no damage,
at 42 in 1989.  My Cardio Doc said I had 40% blockage in the LAD artery.  But he said I would never die from it.
First attack was brought n by major stress. The Grand Rapids, MI cardio Doc was able to duplicate my attack
during the heart cath.

Next  "episode" 19 years later, last Easter morning, I had severe chest pains while getting ready for a sunrise service.
I was away from home working on an indian reservation for a non profit.  I was looking forward to meeting friends.
I thought I had taken good care of myself after a busy volunteer week. I was sent to Rapid City Regional where I received the most knowledge and best health care.  I had an MI and was being observed for 24 hours or so I thought.
Results were a very mild heart attack.  The heart cath showed the LAD artery had colapsed near the bottom of the
artery.  Nitro was shot into the artery and it was reopened. I have not had any stents etc. And yes i did have underlying stress factors once again.  Anniversary of death of first stillborn birth and deployement of my
36 year old son for a third tour in Iraq.

So what I see is stress and LAD artery as clues.

How many have had both of these factors involved in your angina?

To the Doctors---Besides Meds and stress reduction, what else can we do?

It is really frustrating.  I have told my Doc I feel like a ticking time bomb. And her anser is you always say that!
Yep I do. Because I am concerned.

Spazz in Michigan

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Your symptoms are almost identical to mine.

At age 36, being in excellent health -- ate very healthy, ran 3 miles a day, lifted weights 3 times a week, bicycled on weekends, never smoked -- everything that I should be doing, I went through some heavy stress and ended up in the Emergency Room with lots of confused Doctors (EKG appeared normal), until my heart enzymes came back very high.  Then rushed to heart cath where I got a stent in my LAD (65% blocked -- not great, but not horrible) artery.

Fast forward 1 year later, again stress, and another episode, another cath, another stent.

Fast forward about 2 weeks ago, another episode, another cath -- cath showed everything normal, EKG normal, but very high heart enzymes/proteins.

Now, I'm back on a ton of meds, that took me a year to ween off of... not sure what to make of it all at the moment.
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