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How many pvc's are normal?

I have heard that EVERYONE has pvc's and pac's.  Is this true?  I have at least 10 every day.  Is it dangerous to have that many?  Do I have more risk of it turning into an arrhythmia that my heart won't get out of?  How can I tell if I am having a pvc or a pac?  My holter showed 13 pac's and 2 pvc's but I always feel the pause and then a hard thump.  Why do they happen more when I run up the stairs or bend over too quickly or am carrying a heavy load?
Worried sick.
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My cardiologist said about 50 are "normal", but this DOES NOT mean that 51 is "abnormal" and it certainly doesn't mean they're dangerous.  I know someone who was having 5,000 PVCs a day and not being treated because they were just simple PVCs.  "Normal" just implies common in this case.
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Hi there.  That is what I experience.  I am 45 years old and have at least 10 a day.  I have been for every test imaginable and they have caught non-sustained v-tach on my montior and that is what scared the absolute *(&(*& out of me.  I have been totally obsessed with my heart.  They have caught PVC's and PAC's and nobody seems concerned about them.  I get between two and ten a day and freak out at every one of them.  I know exactly how you feel.
I hear that, they ignore mine too and I have MS and they drive me batty sometimes. Frightening.
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Prior to my ablations (for a different reason), I was having thousands a day, still "normal."  I'm not sure how many I have now, but they make themselves known now and again.

My sister had 400 pvcs records, normal....

The important thing is that in the setting of a structually normal heart, pvcs are considered harmless.

Happy Holidays!
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well, did a holter on an average day for me.  750.

They drive me nuts, I get other odd pains.  That said, my heart is structurally normal, and I've had every test short of a cath (including a 64 slice ct).  34 years old.  They say they are normal, so I try every day to deal with them.  I went two weeks recently with very limited pvc's.. then they come back.
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The majority of people have PVC's and never notice them. People who have frequent PVC's get used to what they feel like, and as a result of learning how they feel, notice every single PVC they have, even when their PVC rate drops to "normal" levels.
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Mine are probably averaging around 3,000 a day, if I go by 3-4 per minute, for about 16 hours a day, plus the few I have when I sleep.  And yeah, they are annoying.  I feel them when I get frustrated also, and that's a pain because my job is production oriented (they count everything you do all day long).  Plus my BP had been very high.  I had originally blamed it on an increase in my lisopril (from 20 mg to 40 mg).  I was already taking 200 mg of Toprol and had not had any PVCs until just recently.  But my cardiologist didn't like the high BP so agreed to lower my lisinopril back to 20 mg. and added Norvasc.  I had hoped (FERVENTLY) that the PVCs would get much less or disappear but no such luck. So far my BP has gone way down to near normal (at least for now) and I have to see if the trend continues, so the norvasc, in combination with the other stuff, is working.  But still get the durned PVCs.  If it's stress related, it's not due to something obvious, or I wouldn't have them over the weekend, but I do.  

But one of the things the cardiologist did tell me is that my tests show a normal heart (I had the heart attack blood work and echo + x-ray in the ER).  So did my regular doc and the ER docs/cardiologists.  No one is worried, even now that they known how often I get them.  They were so much more concerned about my blood pressure issues.  As far as the PVCs are concerned, no one has mentioned drugs for it, or concern for it. What they did tell me was to do the prudent thing for a 51 year old, overweight woman, and that is to go the ER if I should ever get any symptoms of a heart attack in the future, which, as we know, can happen to anyone at any age, without connection to the benign PVC/PAC issues.

However, like you, I feel concern about one issue...is is possible to have the heart retrain itself so that I'll never have a 'normal' beat again.
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My EP told me that if you are having less than 20,000 a day and have a structually normal heart the doctors don't worry about it.  He said if you are having over 20,000 per day the PVC's could lead to heart weakness.  I am currently having over 25,000 per day.  I had an ablation, since I cannot take the medications for this, and it did not work.  I am scheduled with a doctor at the Cleveland Clinic next week to see if there is anything else they can do.  Because I am having so many I experience shortness of breath and dizzyness almost constantly.
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I wonder since I only have around 10 or less everyday, why do I feel like I am going to die very young?
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Since my last posting about being very scared about having 50 or so pvc's they are now averaging 3 or 4 per min so that is running into the thousands too - same as "lady".  Having just 10 a day would be such a relief for me.  Please try not to worry even though it is so hard - at the moment I am at my wits end, cant sleep at night with them either.
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How long did it take for yours to increase that much?  What is your age?  Is there any link between hormones and your sudden increase maybe?
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I live every day of my life thinking it is the last as well.  I am 45 years old and had a holter when I was 30 and it showed short non-sustained runs of v-tach which sent me over the edge.  I really only get 10 to 20 a day but I feel every single one of them and freak out at every one.  I have been to numerous cardiolgists and EP doctors and they all say don't worry - it is normal!  Yeah right.  I just can't get my head wrapped around the fact that everyone gets these things.  I live my life in constant anxiety about my heart.  I am actually going to see a phycologist next week to ask if they can get me over this heart anxiety and be able to live like a normal person.
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I should see a counselor too.  I have three kids, ages 3, 5 and 7 months old and I cry all the time b/c I am afraid I won't see them grow up.  I went one time to a therapist and she told me to get a specific book on anxiety and panic which I felt like was a waste of an hour plus $125.00 b/c it didn't help at all.  I wish I could get over the fear of dying.  My life is so limited now compared to what it used to be.  I am embarrassed to admit this, but I am afraid to go shopping, afraid to go to the grocery, afraid to go to the mall because I am afraid I will die while my children are out with me and there will be no one there for them.  I took so much for granted before in my life, stupid stuff like running to WalMart or Old Navy or Michaels and I was never afraid that I would drop dead, but now every time I go somewhere I am afraid.  I wish I didn't feel them happen.  Ignorance is bliss.
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That is me exactly!  I have been a horrible mess since my kids were babies when I found out I had these things.  I used to cry at the doctors office saying I was scared to give them a bath because I thought I would drop them into the water while having a palpitation.  You are certainly not alone.  My kids are 16 and 11 now and I still live in constant fear.  I am also afraid to go out shopping or whereever because I may have a panic attack when I start getting these skips.  I will have to email you when I see the shrink and see what they they about me.  You would never know in a million years I have anxiety.  I act totally normal but inside I am a complete mess.  I hope to be able to get help as well and believe me if I can do then anyone can!  You must be crazy busy with three little kids like that.  That would be enough to give anyone PVC's!
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Glad to know that I am not alone.  I feel so irrational.  Funny you mentioned the bath thing b/c I am afraid when I am giving the baby his bath b/c I am afraid of drowning him if my heart gives out then.  I know I sound like such an idiot.  I am afraid when I am showering also b/c I am afraid something will happen when I am in the shower NAKED! I get in and get out as quickly as possible! Sometimes I go a week without shaving my legs just so I can get in and get out.  I AM THE WORLD'S BIGGEST IDIOT! But hey, at least I can laugh at myself.
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I had to snicker at your post cause that is my life to a T.  That is exactly what I worry about as well.  I am scared when there is nobody home and I am in the shower because I fear the same thing.  That is exactly what I thought when I would bath the kids.  I told the doctor I thought for sure my heart would go into v-tach and I would drop the baby.  You are not an idiot (or maybe we both are!)  I live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  Where do you live?  We should definately talk!  I just cannot believe that someone else lives the same way I do.  I always told my doctor I thought I was nuts and was losing my mind because of my obsessing about my heart.  She was at wits end with me and didn't know what to do because I was showing up every week crying in her office with kids in tow saying I couldn't take the anxiety about these things anymore.  I also have to sit close to doorways just in case they start to happen when I am in public and have to get out of the spot I am in right away.  I know it sound nuts as well.  My doctor says I may have ancipitory anxiety because I have a PVC and I just wait for the next one.  It is totally a vicious cycle.  I am also going to get another holter next Wednesday because of my instance that there is something not right in my heart.  I have had all the tests done but they did see a short run of non-sustained v-tach and that is what totally set me off.  Even the EP doctors say "even I get them" "don't worry".  Yeah right, I just cannot believe that others get them as hard and as strange as I do.  I honestly don't get that many I guess when I read other posts on the internet.  I get around 10 a day I would say.  From the minute I wake up in the morning I worry, till the time I go to bed at night I worry.  I also take 20mg of Celexa and thought that would stop my worrying (and it did for a while).  They did still happen but I didn't care as much then I had a bunch of them when I was at my son's soccer game and starting freaking out again and I am back to square one.  I honestly don't know how you are doing it with three little kids like that.  That is when I started having really bad palps when I had my first kid and I was strung out all the time.  I work full time and take care of the house (well at least 90% of it).  My husband doesn't help out a #*&& of a lot and I chalk that up to my anxiety issues as well.  I hope it makes you feel a little better when you read my posts because I sure feel better when I read yours......
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what is the difference between the ones you can feel profoundly and the ones you dont even know exist.  If you feel them strongly does that mean they are more dangerous or a different type then the ones you dont feel?>

i have gotten a holter monitor test done and i guess i didnt have any cause my doctor didnt say anything
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PVCs and PACs are not palpitations. PVCs and PACs are arrhythmias that the person may or may not notice depending upon how much concentration a person has on such things. Palpitations are the SENSATION that something is fluttering in your chest and they may be an ectopic beat or they may be nerves from when the person is ultra sensitive to the sensation of their heart pounding in general, often because of anxiety.
Benign PVC/PACs are not dangerous so they cannot be more, or less, something they are not.
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O.K. Here's what I want along with all of your reassurances that these are benign.  I want all of you to GUARANTEE me that I will live to be an old lady and get to do all the stuff with my kids that I want to do (see them go to their first day of Kindergarten, see them sing in the choir or play in the band, see their little Christmas pagents, play sports, etc.).  I WANT IT WRITTEN IN STONE THAT I WILL LIVE TO BE AN OLD LADY!!!!!!! I know, I know, nobody gets that guarantee, but I can dream can't I?  I'm all they've got.
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I feel infinitely better when I read your posts and the smile on my face is an added bonus.  Email me anytime if you need a friend.  ***@****
This is 2017, are you okay?? May God bring peace to you and your kids! I am also going through similar episodes. I can only offer prayer. Becoming spiritual definitely bring peace and tranquility to heart.
This is 2017, are you okay?? May God bring peace to you and your kids! I am also going through similar episodes. I can only offer prayer. Becoming spiritual definitely bring peace and tranquility to heart.
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Glad you feel better reading my posts because the same thing goes for me.  I have emailed you at your hotmail address.
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I had my appoint with the cardio on Monday who gave me the results of 50 or so pvc's, then in the night they started with a vengenence and have not stopped since.  So I would say that from 50 to over 3,000 per day developed within hours.  I have been nearly at the end of my tether, I am taking so much valium to calm me down which is not working, my husband is being horrible to me with them, because I can't look after my 4 yr old properly.  I have just turned 42, my period ended last week so I don't think it's hormones at the moment.  But for it to have reached this stage so rapidly is so frightening.  I must admit that I have thought that if this continues then what is the point of living?  I'm feeling that depressed about it all.  Just out of the blue from 50 to 3,000.  I took myself off to see the cardio again on Thursay pm because I just couldn't cope anymore and she caught them on an EKG and said not to worry just ectopics - no meds.  I quit drinking wine in the evenings a while ago, I drink only 1 cup of tea a day, but I have started smoking again this week - simply out of pure fear - only 4 or 5.  2 echos came back normal - that was approx 4 weeks ago.  Sorry to be such a downer, but I am so alone and with my MS and 4 yr old - and a monster of a husband I just need your support.
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Hi honey.  I don't know if you like Oprah or not (I do), but here is a link from her website that talks about how she went through the same thing we are going through:


Maybe your sudden increase is due to the valium or the smoking.  I won't take hardly ANY medicine (valium included) b/c it all lists palpitations as a side effect.  Please try to calm down.  I know exactly how you feel.  My ex sounds just like your husband in that he is HORRIBLE to me about this stuff.  You are taking good care of your child and it is so hard to do living with the fear of dying.  I bet if you can get rid of some of the anxiety, you will notice a huge decrease in the palps.  When I first got them I had panic attacks really bad.  I would wake up in the morning and already be shaking.  I had no one to lean on or talk to about all this, so I just had to convince myself to stay calm and relax.  Sometimes you have to just put on a movie for the kids and lay down and try to get some rest.  Try to take care of YOU.  I have had some really horrible episodes where I have had one right after another for a few minutes and I was sure I was a gonner, but here I still am.  There will be bad days with scary runs of them, but mostly there are good days with just a few scattered here and there.  Hang in there.  I will pray for you.  Maybe if we all pray for each other, it will get so noisy up there that God will rid us all of these things just to shut us all up!
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HI All,

I am also suffering from PAC, I would say it happens more at night after dinner.  I feel every single of them. It is very annoying.  My EP doctor said not to worry.  He said thet exercise can help to decrease the PAC.  

Does anyone of you know if PAC is related to Ablation.  I had 2 Ablations to correct the SVT.  After the second ablation, I start to have PAC, I never have PAC before the second ablation.  Sometimes, I regret to have done the ablation as I feel PAC is more annoying than SVT.
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hi....i've been reading the posts from you guys and i too am going through the same thing, i just now was woken up with an episode of svt and also been having palps all day prior to this, i am in tears reading from you, carrie and sherma, i have 5 kids, am 44 and am in a constant state of anxiety, i worry every night before i go to bed as that is most often when i get an svt attack...always arround 3 am....i am awakened to the irregular and very rapid hb...i now avoid driving on the freeway,i,m scared to travel, i,m afraid of being at home alone, on and on and on.I,ve been living with this for almost 7 years now and have learned to " live" with it, but i'm always worried that i'll drop over and leave behind my kids, especially my 8 and 9 year old. I've been told about ablation but there seems to be drawbacks to that as well....sometimes i hope and pray that it will just go away and never come back but i guess that is just wishful thinking, but is such a comfort that this forum exists and to know that there are others out there with the same thing and that they can give advice and support...god bless
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