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How safe is reclast

I have taken fosamax and actonel and have had stomach problems and aching bones.  My doctor is thinking about the yearly injection of reclast.  How safe is it and will I have more problems with my bones aching - I can't sleep at night a lot from the pain.

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I was diagnosed with osteopenia (50 & postmenopausal) a year ago.  Because of my GERD, my doctor prescribed an IV infusion of Reclast.  Unfortunately, I suffered some of the side effects, fever, and severe bone pain to the point of not being able to take in a full breath.  My doctor was so concerned he put me on a steroid dose pack to reduce the reaction.  My body doesn't seem very tolerant of any drugs, couldn't take anything other than extra strength Tylenol for a foot surgery.  I will have to figure out something else with an endocronologist?  A month before the infusion, after much consultation with my doctor and dentist, I had braces put on my teeth to correct severe TMJ problem.  Even though the two treatments are in conflict, I have had no problem with the orthodontia.  After a year, my bite is almost corrected.  I will wait on any other biphosphate treatments until after the braces are removed.
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I had a Reclast infusion and within a month my blood pressure had gone from 120/60 to 216/112.  I thought I was having a stroke.  I am now taking a beta blocker to keep my bp in control.  I would NEVER do Reclast again.

I also tried Boniva for two months and got terrible vertigo.

Since my T score is going down, I am going to try Evista.  I sure hope it works
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