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How serious is a blood clot in the heart?

My father who will shortly turn 80 in December was diagnosed today with a blood clot in his heart.  He currently has a pacemaker installed two years ago, has had approximately 4 heart attacks, had a quadriple heart bypass about ten years ago, is a non-smoker but lives in a home with second-hand smoke, has become a type one insulin dependant diabetic, and basically lives in his recliner chair in his livingroom.  His family physician who advised my father he had a blood clot in his heart yesterday, then sent my father home with bloodthinner medication (kind unknown) and advised him he would have to travel to the hospital once a week for blood tests.  I feel my father should be hospitalized right now or at the very least referred to a cardiologist.  Please advise?

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wow strange and scarey that a dr would send him home with a blood clot in heart , have never heard of them doing that.  have really never heard of someone having a blood clot in heart and not having a heart attack.

prayers are with him and you .
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I'm curious, how was his heart artery blockage diagnosed?  Did he have a stress test, or angiogram?  I'm guessing that a recent blood test showed evidence of a recent heart attack, but that's just a guess.  

I'd question the doctor why your father isn't having an angiogram, it's the gold standard to determine if there is a blockage.  Given the fact that your father isn't active, I'd think a once a week blood test would be very intrusive.

His doctor may have very good answers, but I'd ask the hard questions.  It sounds like your father is very ill.

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