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How to cope with SVT....Need advice...ablation or drugs or nothing?

Hello everyone,

I am 27 years old and have been recently diagnosed with svt and have just started to get the annoying PVCs too. I have not really tried any meds to help with the svt yet. I have mild asthma so can only take a very lose dose of beta blocker. I tired calcium channel blockers for 2 weeks only but they do not work for me and i hated the side effects. Now i am thinking about an ablation. I have read very few success stories and many horror stories. Personally i'm afraid of the whole procedure and don't like the idea of scarring/burning areas of my heart. I just want to ask other SVT sufferers that have had an ablation for their experiences.
After the procedure did you experience other arrythmias such as increased PVCS? I have read that some people still get the svt but only very short runs instead of the sustained attacks. I also remember asking a paramedic about ablations and he said they were not a very good idea unless your svt attacks were unbearable and very frequent. He told me that the scarring from the ablation has caused some patients to suffer AFIB later on in life! How true are these rumours?

Also are there any SVT sufferers who have found success with drugs rather than the ablation? Or perhaps you have other coping techniques that work during an svt attack??
It would be interseting to see how many people have taken the ablation route, drug therapy route or do nothing and just put up with it route!
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oi vey.. Another example of beware of what you read... Unless that paramedic is secretly an EP, cardiologist, or had prior experience with ablation himself, he really is in no position to make a judgement on ablation..

Depending on what type of SVT you have, success rates usually vary around 90-98%... These are VERY good numbers..

I had an ablation for SVT and its the only thing that saved me and made the anxiety stop.. Yes i had more frequent palps in the month i was healing, but after that, i felt less palpiations..

Complications during ablation are less than one percent.. And i can safely say as a patient that fell into that one percent, the complication i suffered was extremely minor, and didnt change my opinion on the procedure whatso ever.. I give ablation a 5 star review.. Its the only thing that stopped my anxiety...
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Ablation takes 5 to 10 stars at that few recent years that I classified.  When my A-Fib came in 2005, my cardio said he expected. It just come in a bit early!

Now 2007, showed that portion of my heart muscle dead. Heart wall movement impaired.  Again another cardio said that the infarction could due to the radiofrequency ablation and less likely a blockage.  I think the Research is waiting for the first few radiofrequency survivors reported.  

I wonder now a day so many young children have the ablation....  I think the bio medical engineers need to speedy up their invention of artifical heart.  Otherwise will turn up their parent or lovers going to robb a good heart for their child or love one. LOL  

Ask the medhelp doctors if anyone have a chance to get in that answered forum.
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I have read the horror stories too, but the statistics are excellent.  The internet can be a frightening place!  90%+ for successful SVT ablation.  I don't much care for the idea of burning my heart either.  I've been dealing with the PSVT for 12 years now.  I mostly experience PACs.  They're my warning to back off, as if I don't, the SVT will typically follow a rapid succession of the single ectopics.

I like natural management, avoiding the potential triggers.  However, if an ablation is indicated, it's a risk versus benefit issue.
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Was your ablation for svt? Was the svt cured?
Are you saying the ablation caused your AFIB?
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I've His bundle ablation.  SVT & medication free for 20 years.  During these time, I had 2 babies.  Considering successful.

2005, I've vibration in my chest.  I told the cardio.  He said is A-Fib.  He expected I'll have that but didn't expect it'll come so early. (He knew what caused because he expected but I did't expect the A-Fib is included in the ablation package.  I expected cure with no side effect that what they told me before the ablation in 1985.)

I didn't read and see any ablation package in the web.  All I read is unsuccessful then tried again and again....  And so many parents wanted their children to do it as early as the EP will do it.  

I wish to see and read some posts who had their ablation more than 20 years.  What comes up?  A compare?  Well, I know normal human being could have A-Fib too but not 100%. Would the scar caused the heart muscle dead and movement impaired?  Are these in the ablation package?
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I just had an ablation the other day and unfortunately the doctor could not reproduce the arrhythmia.  However because he was fairly familir with my heart he burned the most likely areas.  It will take 2-3 weeks to find out if there was any success.

The reason for an ablation is that the meds do not control the problem or the side effects are intolerable.  In my case all the meds we tried either were not effective or I wasn't able to handle the dizziness, or other side effects.

If this ablation was not sufficiently successful, I will go for a repeat ablation.  My only complaint is that my EP is booked for two and a half months. This is a long time to wait when you get pounded relentlessly by your heart day in and day out.
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