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Hypertropic Cardiomyopathy and Congenital Myocardial Bridging

Hello. I'm not really sure what my question is, it's like a lot of little questions stuffed into that long title.

My son was born a premie, 7# 4oz & was on a heart monitor til he was nearly 11 mo old, but not because they thought anything was wrong with his heart, it was because he was born when things weren't quite ready & had multiple Apnea & bradycardia episodes all times day & night. That's the Beginning of the story...

Jumping to the end, 25 years later, he got up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom & fell over dead.

Now, for several mo he had started having "black out" episodes he described as his heart would just start racing & down he would go, At the ER, he was diagnosed with anxiety & sent home.
At which time he voiced his concerns to me thinking it might be a BP prob, I picked him up a little electronic BP monitor & had him take it randomly (& recording reading w/what he was doing) making sure to have him take when these episodes occurred. After a week, there was nothing significant however it was obvious it did jump around quite a bit & occasional slightly elevated.

I took him to my reg Dr who, ran all the tests, (blood work up) that  would tell her if something in kidneys or liver etc. may be going on. Supposedly, everything came back Great. He was 25 yr old,  6'4" tall, in good physical condition & not over weight. She put him on a low dose BP medication & again, prescribed Lorazepam for anxiety.

Aprox 2 weeks later, (per Dr advice, got himself a treadmill, because exercise is good for stress/anxiety...) That evening, he ran the treadmill for 30 min. Later had dinner & relaxing night at home watching tv in front of the fireplace & going to bed as usual. At 6am his girlfriend found him slumped over the tub (he had been sitting on the toilet & fell straight to his side & hit face 1st into the tub, arms in front as if still in his lab.

The report from the Medical Examiner: Natural causes: "Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy and Congenital Myocardial Bridging" (no evidence of ethanol or other substances)  Then also noted, Pulmonary & Cerebral Edema & Stated his kidneys showed congestion. Otherwise, Everything was noted as Unremarkable, Excellent or Normal...

So, this obviously was happening longer than that few seconds, nothing showing heart deformities while in children's hosp for mo on a heart monitor. Nothing? at ER, just anxiety... Nothing on Blood work up... Nothing???

I have 1 other son, who somewhat recently, started having these "episodes" ER did and 10 second EKG & sent him home.  I'm looking for answers, Anything please..

I should mention my son (deceased one) was given an overdose of Gentamycin as a newborn (Dr ordered .03 & nurse gave him .30 & doesn't sound like much, but remember, he was only 4# 6oz Premie.)

Lastly, I couldn't carry either to term & was given medication through out both pregnancies to stop contractions.

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